Here is a helpful disease guide

Here is a university disease guide that I found this morning while doing some research. This link will take you directly to the apple page, but if you scroll to the bottom of it there are links to various other fruits. I think it is well put together and very informative. Hopefully it will help someone who is looking for better disease descriptions.


I’m glad you put that up. I had run across before and then forgotten about it, but now I’ve got it bookmarked. Thanks!

Excellent reference, thanks. We have a Reference category and it would be useful if this disease guide was there but I don’t know how to enter a topic there. Both the Reference category and Guide category have no topics so perhaps no one can use them. Odd!

That’s my fault, I made them but have been tied up with other things so have not been able to kick it off. The plan is they will be wiki References so all regular users can edit them to add good links. I’ll get it started soon, and hopefully someone will remember to add this link!