Here we go (frost wave coming)

Guess I am going to spend part of Saturday in the garden and orchard. Most of us get zapped between Oct. 11 and Oct. 15.


Low temperature will get down to 35 degrees this week. Further west there is some snow flurries in Kansas this week.

Currently 53 and light rain in KY. How things change in 5 days…when it was 85 at this time of day, on the way to 96. Today we won’t hit 60.

Still, I think frost won’t hit us in Kentucky yet this week…we’ll see. Based on my 46 years of actively watching…I would expect 6 or 7 days away to 25 days away. (Based on the lunar calendar, not the one that says October 7).

Lol… “Frost apocalypse?” Must we report everything now with breathless terms?

Frost: also known as: something that happens about this time of year in the midwest and northern plains, every year.


I’d welcome a good frost. Right now we are still in the 90’s during the day.

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not my headline! ZH does tend to the sensational…


Hey, it got my attention. I was expecting temps below 23 in the next week because of that frightening word. It would be an apocalypse if you were a tomato or zucchini plant. Now I only have apples to worry that much about. Come Oct. any harvests of fragile vegetables are icing on the cake.


Frost should be good for the broccoli

My kale sure likes it, and the romaine lettuce is doing fine too.

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Light snow on Friday so I have to harvest as much tender vegetables in for the last time this season. The figs will be done also. I see some low 30s in the next 7 days.


I just want some damn rain in Maryland. I don’t care what the temperature is if rain is falling. Could be 40, could be 80. Just need the rain.

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We had frost a couple nights ago. It was supposed to be light. Suffice to say that the garden and all but the 5 late season fig trees I moved to the brick wall are done…despite the covering.
They’re calling for 17 degrees here Friday evening.

That time of the year. Freezing temps and then back up to the 80’s during the same month.