Herefordshire Russet

Is anyone growing Herefordshire russet? Orange Pippin describes it as “A modern russet with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour, could displace Egremont Russet.” As a russet fan, that sounds pretty good to me.

It might not have made it to the US yet, it was released in 2005. Sounds like a good apple.

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I cannot confirm it, but Orange Pippin reports it’s being grown by Lamb Abbey orchards in Maine.


Ah yes, John imported a bunch of things from England. I’m not sure his orchard is active anymore though, I have not heard hide nor hair of him or his orchard in some time and it looks like the domain expired.

I grafted that variety this year so no fruit yet but the description sounds good to me.

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Bumping this old thread–any comments on taste yet? Anyone besides derek growing it? (So i know who to hit up for scionwood :grinning:).

Off topic but bought a few roxbury russet, blue pearmain, ribston pippin, and macoun last week, my first real foray outside grocery store apples, and really liked all of them. Cant wait for my own roxbury and pearmain to fruit now…had a macoun also and it was THE graft that failed…over 30 grafts, only one macoun and it didnt take. Go figure…

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