Hesse plumcot form

Planted the Hesse plumcot that Arboreum sent me this spring and did some reading about plumcots recently. I couldn’t find much about this tree and maybe others can confirm that this is Hesse. I read about other plumcot trees and I thought all of them said that they favor their apricot parent for their form. It looks like the Hesse that I planted favors it’s plum parent when it comes to it’s form. Can Scott or someone confirm this? Three or four new branches grew anywhere from 8" to 2’ in length and a main leader grew from the top to a length of 5’-3"! I’ll attach a pic of it and thanks to all who can answer.

Hesse plumcot

I grafted Hesse onto an old Myrobalan plum tree. It grew vigorously, but now is in decline and might die. I don’t know the cause.

It has plum-like growth but the leaves look like a plum-apricot cross, which of course is what it is.

Here’s what it looked like last year, before it went into decline.


Thats definitely Hesse you have from the leaves. Mine grew similar to apricots but it looks like yours has a mind of its own.