Hey guys, it's citrus season!

I took a walk through the greenhouse today and noticed quite a few citrus varieties will be ready around the same time. Not a big harvest but it’s something! All these plants were put in the ground Feb-March 2020.

Do any of you have fruit that is starting to ripen? If so what types and where are you located?

Near Toronto Canada - Zone 5B Greenhouse 10A
This is not exact but it looks like it’ll be close.
Hamlin oranges ripe -Dec
Mexican limes Jan-Feb
Mandercott mandarin Jan-Feb
Ponderosa lemon Jan-Feb
Valencia oranges Feb-March


Early satsumas are starting to get over the hill here near Houston. Been eating satsumas since October.

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got a 3ft calamondin that has 4 fruit on it t right now. its in a south facing window in a 7 gal pot. my kumquat also had some blooms but i pinched them as the plants only 12in tall. i planted these at the same time in the same soil. do kumquats and calamondins grow at different rates? not much specific info online about it.


My calamondin seems to be much more vigorous than the other 'quats I have, though it might not be a good comparison as I think my calamondin is on its own roots and the 'quats I have are mostly on flying dragon or some other Poncirus hybrid


i doubt mine are grafted as i paid $10 ea. at tsc. :wink: i wish i had room for more because they had dwarf lemon/limes, tangerines and oranges. i grabbed the ones that are supposed to be the smallest of the selections.

I bought a Kishu Mandarin and a Fukushu Kumquat from Four Winds last spring and potted them. I’m in zone 7b (NC) and have them in a small greenhouse for the winter that I’m currently keeping above 40 F. I’m not clear on how low I should allow the temperature to go. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

No fruit on the Mandarin, but the Kumquat has 23 fruit that appear to be slowly ripening. I’ve never grown citrus before, so I don’t know when they’ll be ready for harvest. Hopefully soon!


That sounds great guys! and BerryGuy - nice looking kumquat! Four winds nursery, I’m drooling thinking about their plants. If only they shipped here. I used to have a calamondin that put out a medium crop in it’s second year. All were ripe by Halloween.

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