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Hey there, just wanted to say hi and also post some pics of my 5 yr old trees. All the pruning over the past 5 years has given me the shape I love. I am located in North Texas. I have around 20 peaches/plum/pluots/etc and around 80 figs. I am also a beekeeper with 50+ hives.

Pic#1 is my Wickson plum. This is not a heavy producer yet but gives us large plums that my wife enjoys.


You did great job, the tree is in a balanced open shape.

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The second tree I would like to show off is my Chicken Peach. This one produces massive fruit that is a little feathery :wink:


You should see my Turkey Pear. They weigh up to 30 pounds and one fruit can feed a whole family. My grandma picked one a lot of years ago and it took her 5 minutes to detach it from the branch. On the bright side, it was juicy and delicious once she peeled and cooked it. :slight_smile:


They help pick bugs off the tree. There are 3 hens on the left side and one rooster on the right. The tree is weighed on the left.


Did you have a lot of die back on figs this year? None of my trees are super old, but when we got down to like 9 degrees in Nov or Dec it took out even my Celeste’s, except for the portions that I buried. Hoping to put some more in ground this year, but they might need to get a little bigger first