High bush cranberry in mountain west

Does anyone in the US mountain west have high bush cranberry plants that have set fruit? Either Viburnum trilobum or V. opulus?

I’ve tried growing these and have had them flower but never set a single fruit. If I remember, they are flowering well after frost. Some folks have said that they have to be at least five years old but I believe I have had some that old and still no fruit.

It’s also said that they don’t need another plant for pollination but I have a number of plants just in case. Still no fruit.

I’m starting to wonder if there is something about our climate that is preventing them from setting fruit. I’ve had two locations, both in New Mexico in the Albuquerque area. One was at 7000 ft and the other at 4800 ft.

So is there anyone out here in the west who has had them set fruit?

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here in Northern Maine you find them growing in wet low-lying areas and ditches. maybe its too dry? they are like weeds here.


Thanks, Steve. I’m aware that they grow and fruit well in the East. As far as I know, in New Mexico there are no natively occuring plants of high bush cranberry. Back East it’s hard to tell if they require cross pollination because they are everywhere. I’m hoping to find someone in the mountain west that has planted them and seen any fruit set.

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there are several guys on here growing them in AK but that’s a completely different animal than N.M. i was stationed at White Sands back in the early 90’s by the way. beautiful state you have.

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I’ve fruited both here in Kentucky.
Don’t think they have to be cross pollinated, but like you said, I always plant a second plant.
The v. opulus has a lot of “sterile” varieties…that don’t bear fruit…is that the problem maybe?

They are around my area in Wisconsin. BIG issue here is viburnum borer so they are not so common anymore.

Some of the selections like Hahs, wentworth, RedWing ect used to be available. I would never plant all one selection due to pollination issues. If growing seedlings then pollination may not be an issue.

Just saw a plant in a wildlife area in August. it was covered with fruit and growing along a trail right along the west side of Lake Michigan.

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Thanks to all of you in the east who responded.

Maybe I should rephrase the question: Is there anyone in the mountain west who has tried growing viburnum trilobum or opulus? If you have tried, I’d love to hear if you have not had fruit or if you have had fruit.

Hearing from people who have NOT had fruit will be just as helpful. Thanks.