Hocking Hills Orchard different fruit varieties October 2019

Here are two pics of Purpurroter Cousinot, a cool apple just for the name! One is what the fruit looks like when ripe and the other is what one of the trees I have of it looks like now. All fat fruit spurs and that is why sometimes I say there is nothing to cut to send out as scions. This tree is perfect for fruit production.

The next two pics are some of the last apples hanging on the trees.

Purpurroter Cousinot - Germany, 1766. AKA Blood Apple, Christ Child Apple and Onion Apple. Medium to large apple with red skin. Red flesh on the outer edge. Quite a few odd and different names for the same apple! Great tasting and fun to try and say the name with what I think is the correct German pronunciation!

Arkansas Black - Arkansas, 1850. Dark purple becoming nearly black apple at maturity. Very crisp flesh, coarse, greenish white, sharp flavor, improving with age. Keeps all winter. Just road up on the ATV with my grandson and he said β€œlet’s eat a black apple!”

Pitmaston Pine Apple - England, 1785. Small to medium sized fruits are a golden color with firm, juicy flesh. The flavor is variously referred to as honeyed, nutty, musky, sweet and rich. Golden Pippin x cross. And I realized today as we were munching one of these that I may have been picking them a couple of weeks too early. Today they had a lip smacking sweet tart flavor almost like a lemon jolly rancher hard candy.

Derek Mills
Hocking Hills Orchard at Four Seasons Cabins in SE Ohio, home to 1,400 varieties of apples.Purpurroter%20Cousinot%202

Arkansas%20Black%204 pitmaston_pineapple


Great looking apples. In always enjoy reading about the history of older apple varieties.