Holding Over Rootstock

I am about finished grafting and have 20 or so pieces of rootstock left, culled out some small dia. and skimpy root system stuff. If you have seen the pictures in another post, notice the 2 gallon in-ground root control bags, (RCB), that hold the grafted apples stock.

Thinking instead of mulching in this left over root stock, piecing it into the RCB’s and top grafting it next year. Wonder should it be topped pruned now to build dia?

Have some pics to post after the last of the grafts are potted into the RCB’s.

Yes, I’ve put several small diameter rootstocks in one pot… and let go to next year in that manner.

Good reminder…I still have 3 or 4 B-10 and possibly a dozen B-118 for over 30 days…I may go right this minute and plant them for I’m out of scions. Summer budding or grafting in a year or later is going to be just fine.

Little help. Should I leave the current stems long without pruning back? That might add some girth for next season’s grafting?

I just threw mine in a crate with holes at the bottom. I should have taken more care to make sure they where all vertical but they all did fine.

Think I may pot these up in root control bags too. They can form a good root mass and be top grafted next spring.

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