Home Depot Corona 1.75 " Snips

Saw some cheap snips today online at Home Depot. If you buy 5, the price is $15 with free shipping.

Corona 1.75 in Snips

I ordered 5 of those. They are $6 each on Amazon. I’ll use them for thinning apples and such, and stash them where I may need them.

I just checked Amazon and they were $11. They must have changed their price. I have a pair. They are very handy and work well.

Out of stock already at Home Depot now. Good deal for whoever got them.

Yes that looks like a great application for them. I have two Asian pear trees that I plan on using these on. I won’t feel too bad if I lose one or two of these in the future.

@danzeb That’s good to know they work well. I’ve never had this style of pruners. Looks great for tiny stems.