Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!


I would describe the texture as rather spongy. It has a good size fruit, 2-3 larger than HJ but it does not have the same crunch or sweetness.


Have you checked with England’s. They do advertise both of these.


Is groworganic nursery a reliable seller? Their shipping costs seem lower than others.


Rolling River has Black Sea as well. If you do order from them, please post what sort of tree they send out. The last time I ordered from them, they weren’t all that big. Similar to One Green World.

OGW also has Black Sea in stock.


I ordered one from there, along with an Autumn Beauty.

Bay Laurel also announced a sale on Li, Lang, and Sherwood ($34.95, normally $46.95). Less interesting varieties, but they are likely to be quite a bit bigger than OGWs. I’m tempted to add more to my Bay Laurel order, but I already have 17 jujubes coming in (7 from BL).


why not 18? :grin:


Thanks Kate. I spoke with him and they are out of both of those.

Due to space issues, I’d rather have just a scion.


I actually have never purchased from them. I know several persons here who have purchased from them. It seems from what I hear mostly positive comments. They are also a Dave Wilson retailer. California nursery.


I asked England’s whether ‘Winter Delight’ had ever fruited for him and he said no. So that may not be the best choice for you. From what I’ve gathered your best bets are going to be ‘So’, ‘Redlands4’, ‘Xu Zhou’, ‘Lang’, ‘Tsao’, ‘Tigerstooth’, ‘September Late’, ‘Topeka’, ‘Sugarcane’ and maybe a few more I don’t recall right now. Just don’t do what I did and plant a bunch of varieties that will probably never fruit for you.


Good looking out. :+1:


OK…I just did. And 19 and 20. 3 from Grow Organic.


figured you’d step up to the plate and hit a home run!

actually a grand slam, since all bases were loaded-- with jujus :grin:


Make that 21. OGW got Winter Delight back into stock (19 now in stock).

Update: GrowOrganic doesn’t waste any time. They’ve already shipped my trees. I’ll have to be careful in the future about the timing, when ordering from them. It’s a good thing that we have a warm snap coming up, which should thaw the ground. 6 of the next 7 days at least reach the 40’s. Of course, there is also 5-8" of snow predicted for Saturday night, but I don’t think it will stay on the ground long with those temps.


At this rate, you need to buy more properties :grin:

My main concern about various jujubes is if they will ripen in time for me. The name Winter Delight makes me a bit nervous.


Actually, I already did- that’s why I added to my order :blush:

Of course, it won’t close before the Grow Organic order shows up, so I’ll either need to hold the or trees for a bit or swap my plans around a bit (I’m leaning toward the latter).

I had thought that it might be a late one as well, but I think Bob Hawkins said that it was mid/early. The OGW description says:

A popular variety in Northern China, Winter Delight is a very cold hardy and compact tree that produces large, egg-shaped fruits that are crisp and sweet. Winter Delight is one of the earliest jujube fruits to ripen and is delightful in winter with its elegant branches and stunning aura.

And OGW seems to say that it is the delightful branch structure which makes it a delight in winter. I don’t know that I buy that. Maybe the fruit keeps very well, all the way to winter? Or maybe it isn’t really the same variety that the Chinese call Winter Delight (scion mix-up when importing?).

But, if anyone gets it right, it should be OGW. From a paper published by Dr Yao, Winter Delight was originally named Mango Dong Zho and was imported by J Gilbert of OGW.


My OGW autumn beauty is potted. That might give you some time… But it was the grow organic that you were worried about… sorry… don’t know on that one


I think Grow Organic resells DWN stock, so I’m anticipating that it will be a relatively thick caliper tree and sent bare root. The shipping notice says that the box is 21 lbs, which is quite a bit for 4 trees (3 jujubes and a peach). The one from ToA last spring was 20 lbs for 7 trees. Hopefully the extra weight isn’t just moist filler material. :slight_smile:

The adjustments aren’t actually that complicated. Assuming that the trees are as I expect, I’ll just put them into the same location I had the same varieties (Li and Honeyjar) from Bay Laurel slotted in.


I ordered from rolling river for the first time last year. All five of the jujubes were large but cut back to about 3’. The Lang I ordered was over 1" in caliper with the others slightly smaller than 1".

Also ordered pawpaws which were barely twigs 1’ tall. The jujube trees had a tag from another nursery but I don’t recall which.


Nice size! I take it you got the bare root ones (vs the cheaper 1 gal option)? I’d be interested to know what the tags say. I’m guessing either Dave Wilson or LE Cooke, though I suppose Trees of Antiquity is possible as well.


Yes, they were bareroot (jujube not pawpaw). I think the tag may have been LE Cooke. It was predominantly brown with off white border if I remember correctly.

I’m very pleased with their growth too. Three of the five produced in their first year.


unfortunately ogw could not to get it right all the time. My massandra from last year seems to be black sea, and it seems like the same thing happened with @Bhawkins ’ winter d(mango dong zao) and autumn b(qiyue xian).
so below are three more ordered from them-- autumn b, winter d, and massandra from left to right.

somewhat of a relief to see that that none seems to have the traits of the other two(color and stance of the thorns), but still, can’t really say if these are the real mccoys.

btw, @Bhawkins if the thorns are enough to distinguish autumn b from winter d, then seems like the winter d you obtained from ogw was actually autumn b, because the subsequent growth of winter d and autumn b you gave me have the same thorn traits as the autumn b just bought from them