Honeyberry growing

Hi, I started honeyberry from seeds here in Israel in the southern part of the country that called the Negev.
I have seeds of 2 varieties (edulis and berry blue).
I sow the berry blue before a 2 weeks or something like that and some just germinate yesterday.
Here in the Negev (and especially in the Western Negev where I live) we have a very high temperatures (we can reach to the 40 and even 43 degrees ferenhite in the summer) and a low quantity of chill hours (something like 300 per year)… what can I do in the most creative way to your opinion to “fake” the chill hours for the honey berries? What will happen if I’ll grow them outside in pots with 300 chill hours like it is?

Thank you all :slight_smile:


I doubt honeyberries will grow well in your area. They don’t do well in long hot summers or dry weather.

So, did you get any seeds to germinate and are they alive?

They probably need to be planted in shade in hot climates, and need some freezing in the dormant season.

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