Honeycrisp - Price

Not worth my penny!


I’ve not seen Gold Rush in a store yet. Weird since I live in apple growing country and they are mentioned so much here.

I imagine Honeycrisp have been around long enough, and available almost all the time, that the novelty has worn off. A victim of their own success.

Even at the local produce market closing for the season on Thanksgiving eve with all apples 99 cents, the Gold Rush are still piled high. I think they are too acid for the average shopper looking to use right away. Not getting many repeat buyers.


Last shopping trip I noticed Honeycrisp @ $2.49/lb and Envy @ $2.99/lb. We often see smaller Honeycrisp at a lower price. I also have been noticing the Red Delicious being offered at our grocer, they look more like a Hawkeye than the ruby red spitters usually offered.

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