Hope seedless grapes

How does hope seedless grapes taste do they get black trot

I don’t know. I ordered one from Stark Brothers in 2017. Came in a 4 inch pot. Plant died.
They sent a replacement plant. It died.
So, maybe someone out there has a live one?

I’ve grown one vine for about 5 years. It died to the ground after about two years for unknown reasons, but grew back. It’s not very vigorous, and has never produced many grapes. The grapes also seem to ripen very late in the season - way later than my other table grapes. On the up side, it’s never had any disease or pest issues other than Japanese beetles.

Could be that it’s just in a bad location, though it does get all day sun. I’m moving it to another location to see if it does any better.

Can’t say much about the flavor, but the few grapes I’ve tried have been ok.

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