Horne Creek Tree Sale

Their annual tree sale is Saturday March 16th. Located a bit NW of Winston Salem NC.


Is there a place where the varieties are listed?

I looked on the website and FB, all I see is call for more info.

Didn’t they have a fall tree sale? So, perhaps leftovers … or some bare root ones just dug?
Be a nice visit if I lived close. Especially for the fall tasting.

I thought about that myself but the fall sale info said the spring sale will offer dwarf rootstocks as the fall sale only has M7 and M111. They are closed on Mondays but anyone interested in going should call them to get more details. Perhaps someone on here that went last year can chime in.

Hopefully I will be home planting all the trees that are suppose to arrive by early March.

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I called and left a message but never got an answer