Hort oil concentration

I saw these instructions for “PureSpray” hort oil. (SEE BELOW)

What does the “…at 100 to 800 gals per acre” mean.

Isn’t it the concentration that is important? And them making sure that you spray enough to cover he surfaces?

"DORMANT OR DELAYED DORMANT: Use 1 to 2 gals. per 100 gals. of water at 100 to 800 gals. per acre. (Concentrate Spray: Use 3 to 8 gals per acre in a minimum of 100 to 800 gals. water per acre.)"

Can I just use 32 or 64 oz in my 25 sprayer?


Of course. Before tight cluster 2% is recommended for apples, 1% after. Not because of danger to the tree apparently, but because mites are more vulnerable later. Mites are the primary reason commercial growers use oil. Scale is the only other pest that I use it on.

The 100 to 800 gal per acre rate is the total volume of water sprayed per acre in order to completely saturate the tree canopy and achieve " full run-off. This is sometimes referred to as full dilute spraying. Full run off spraying requires huge volumes of water and commercial orchards sometimes reduce the volume of water which is called “concentrate spraying.”

If the rate for oil is 2 gal/100, I would use 1/2 gal oil in 25 gal of water.

I use a 3% solution of oil or 1.5 gal oil in my 50 gal sprayer which works for me


Got it re: the 100-800 gallon bit.