Hosui pruning advice

Can I cut this Asian Pear tree back at knee height or should I leave the lowest remaining scaffolding branch? It’s approximately 1/2”


Can this Asian pear tree be pruned to an open vase or will it have to be a central leader?

They can be cut however a person wants,but I like the look of the structure,the way it is now.bb

The simple way is to cut at knee high but it will set you back a good year or two. I see its not planted yet so its not that big of a deal.

The more experimental technique would be to girdle or mostly girdle it to redirect growth lower. The benefit of this is you could get fruit next year.

In either case be super persistent with limb spreading so that the tree doesn’t just shoot straight up.

I have another older Asian pear tree that is supplying fruit. I wasn’t even going to buy this one until next but I figured it would be a few years due heading it back.

Thanks for the input. I want to cut it at knee height I’m just worried no scaffolds will grow. It’s approximately 1/2”

After you cut the tree keep some scionwood from it in a zip-lock bag in the fridge. If no new branches develop, graft a piece of scionwood back onto the stump, it will start growing and develop branches.

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If I cut back to the first scaffolding branch and leave the 4 scaffolds would this stimulate any new bud growth lower down?

If you’re not concerned about the keeping the dwarfing effect of the rootstock (or otherwise), perhaps it could be planted very deep to put it at the height you desire.

I find pears to be pretty resistant to open center pruning. Do you know what kind of rootstock it’s on? Asain pears are somewhat naturaly dwarfing anyways. Personalty, I would leave it in a central leader form. If you wanted it smallish, You could tie down the branches to get it into fruiting mode OR, It would do great as an espalier along the south facing fence.