Hot peppers only. Which varieties do you grow?


Yesterday’s harvest of Aji Chombo and Brazilian Starfish looks better while on the plant than in a bowl, despite only half of the canopy is depicted.


First off, I’m no chili head. I like spicy things in the rotation but I like to still be able to taste things.
I’ve grown a handful of pepper varieties the last two years. Mostly for drying and making my own powders. I like a good pure flavored chili powder. I grow Red Knight red bells to make sweet pepper paste for my sausage. And just to use for whatever bell needs I may have.
Waltz, a zero heat long paprika type with good flavor.
Arapahoe (Cheyenne) a cayenne type but bigger and wrinkly, 50k Scoville.
Krimzon Lee is my favorite, sweet and super fruity with just enough heat to be interesting 2.5-3.5K Red Ember, new to me this year, another cayenne type supposed to be better flavor. It smells fruity and the heat was nice, we’ll see how the powder turns out.
Amazing, this was my least favorite last year, but for some reason I grew it again this year. Kind of an off fruity taste with some heat. The powder was good when it was the last bag I had left, better than most anything at the supermarket. If I find time I might add them to a variety jar of sliced fermented peppers. I don’t plan to make powder from it again.
Pizza Pepper, last year this pepper really produce a lot of short thick walled green peppers. Somewhat like a really fat Jalapeno. This year the production was horrible. Over-all I think I will just grow a medium jalapeno next year in place of this one and get way more production.
Cozumel Caribe type, I didn’t grow this one this year but I think I will grow it again next year. Advertised as a sweet tingly heat. It was actually quite pungent and much hotter than I expected. I originally thought I wanted to use it in sausage but changed my mind. I didn’t think I would like the powder but ended up using all up fairly quickly. The pungent profile really fit well into many of the dishes I made.


Pizza is a variety I’ve grown for many years. Very prolific and the fruit is really good at any stage, but really shines once red. Extremely thick walls and ohh so juicy.


Hmmm, see, now I want to give it another go. Last year it was great and this year not worth the space it occupied while everything around it did great. Maybe it was just a varied bad seed.


I do mine in soilponic wicking/air pruning buckets…

My Thai in front Jalapeno behind it

Thai close up…

Love red (ripe) Jalapeno!

Cayenne bush – monster producer!

Hot Banana


Extras go to neighbors or dehydrated.

And, of course, these critters too :confused:

But I get tree frogs in the peppers too, kinda cool. They like to go down the watering tube and hang out in the water… Then come up to eat critters :slight_smile:


The only peppers that cope with our cool weather
Hungarian Yellow Wax
Jimmy Nardallo.
And even those didn’t do very well this year.
We had a very cold spring and a short summer.


I’m enjoy some spice in my food, but I would say I chase the heat lol. That said, I kind of got hooked on growing peppers this summer starting with just a Serrano, then added bonnies red chilies (all it said on tag) and red ghosts. To overwinter my peppers, instead of bringing the containers inside with all the bugs, I just took cuttings, stripped most leaves off, cleaned them from tip to tip, then rooted them to grow and mature inside.
Then a couple weeks ago I got a couple Carolina reaper peppers and saved the seeds from. Then I made a couple orders for some more varieties, though it’s a new company and I didn’t find much about them. They were sold out of a variety I really wanted, then they got more right when I got confirmation that my order shipped. So I made another order lol.

If anyone has some white ghost pepper or yellow Carolina reaper seeds/cuttings they want to trade, hit me up hehe.


Where did you get your aluminum raise beds from? They looked very nice.


It took some searching to find them – those are Jungle Jane beds; at the time I got them, they had a listing on amazon. I think they sell direct now: – I was originally attracted to birdies beds (Australia) but what was available here didn’t meet my size requirements as well ( – for America). The JJ beds I have I built to 4x7 – you can do different sizes with them based on how you put them together. Wanted a clean look/low maintenance since they’re in my front yard in a suburban setting… almost forgot to mention – a big factor was height too 16" tall. Plenty of room for soil and a thick mulch layer.