Houzz is feeling the heat of members disappearing and turned into a bully

I was directing Redsun to come over to Scott’s growingfruit.org to post his wine grape scion search a few days ago. Houzz deleted my post.


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Mamuang directed me here…but that post has been deleted as well.
I am sure their fruit and orchard forum is basically dead, now that everyone has migrated to Scott’s new and improved forum.

Many thanks Mamuang for the tip!

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Mamuang has worked hard behind the scenes to help get this forum off and going. Hats off to her! So have others including Mes111, Appleseed and others. Thanks to all.

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Has anyone been able to reach out to Konrad and invited him over to the forum? I cannot figure out how to message him, now. Thought I had his email, but I couldn’t find it in my In or Out box.

I myself do not want to completely abandon the old forum. Lot’s of people need help.
I noticed many left the hot pepper forum too. Whole threads about them leaving have been deleted.
I grow other plants, I’m more an expert on cacti than fruit trees…
I also enjoy The Dave Wilson Forums, and Tomatoville. This year already I have received seeds to over 50 different peppers, tomatoes, and flowers from users there. Great place! I enjoy growing vegetables a lot, and really Houzz is it for those kinds of forums. I rarely read them but from time to time I have questions about vegetables. Everybody is great here, no doubt, but the pepper and tomato people rock too! Anyway I don’t really want to leave because of different interests not covered here. So I look in the old forum from time to time.

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Hoosier…I may be mistaken, but I think Konrad did post here before. I have however noticed he is still active in Houzz. I would like to have him here because he is accomplished and always posted awesome and interesting photos. I guess he likes Houzz…not sure why.

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Both Tony and I (I think Mess, too) invited Konrad but he declined. He mentioned something like GW is like home. He does not want to leave!

Thanks for kind words ,Olpea. I think everyone deserves to know about this site.

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I also like to help newbies since I remember what it is like not knowing where to begin to ask questions. Houzz can reach broader audience especially newcomers.

I will continue to check that site and invite people when I can. They may kick me out one of these days.


Konrad likes the northern (regional) forums and is active there.
His friends in the north would not have much interest in current forums. We only have three of them.
If we had regional forums it might attract his interest.

I also noticed some other regulars not here too.

I got impression that the orchard forums were a small fraction of GW’s traffic and Houzz took it over for the house remodeling forums. As such, this forum should pose no threat to them. However, I do see that they have been filtering for the key word “houzz” to make sure they aren’t getting any negative sentiment on their site.

The reason I left the other site was all the adds and info directed at home decorating and remodeling.
Fruit info and other fruit growing nuts were the only draws for me.

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This forum doesn’t come up when typical terms are googled. It would be easy to add a couple links and make it very visible. Could the extra traffic be handled by the server?

The server is currently running at 8% load so it can take a lot more :smile: I’m not sure what links you have in mind to increase traffic, but feel free to spread the word.


Someone on GW revived the “Drowning Squirrels” thread from last year.

Alan & I added our comments and I said to him

            "BTW.. I woke up to 50 new posts and topics since
             yesterday on growingfruit.org but keep coming back here out 
            of habit and hope.        Hope not doing too well.." 

GW YANKED the whole thread.

Go figure


Still exists, but doesn’t show in the recently active threads list. That is strange. http://forums.gardenweb.com/discussions/1480557/drowning-squirrels-humanely

I keep checking in on GW but only briefly. Today I chimed in on a “miss you Konrad” post. I dislike being disloyal to them- I learned so much from members there- but I immediately felt that they were trying to “Facebook” me. They seem to me to want to be a social network site to garner eyeballs so that they can sell advertising.

Well, fair enough. But value is value, and the old site managed without those tactics, and besides, so many fine contributors are now here. The superb work that the crew has done here is a real gift to the many of us benefiting. Thanks once again, folks.

When censorship occurs, trust evaporates. Gardenweb’s corporate sponsors were somewhat tolerant, or at least unaware of free speech happening. Now with this “houzz” beast taking over, all pretenses of free speech have disappeared. Instigators have shown up and dredged up old threads to add to the thin lineup.

You got to imagine that Google search results will still funnel a lot of traffic to GW (houzz)???

Yes but only thru Google. If you go directly to GW and search drowning squirrels - no go


Censorship is something a government does. When used in this context I think it lessons the impact of what true censorship means. Anyway I feel they have the right to post any rules they want. I don’t agree with them, but I don’t own the site. They can allow or not allow what ever they want, even kicking members if need be. Nobody has a right to post there, they can grant you that privilege or not. Same with this place,