How are those apples cellaring 2018


This year was not a good year for me but I still got a couple bushels in the cellar (read: basement fridge).

Today I pulled out a Suncrisp, it was not much different from when I picked it. It was excellent and it could be even better in February. I’ll try to hold a few back. I’m going to remove some nearby trees and let this guy get bigger, its one of my favorites; fortunately its on M7 so it should be able to take over a bigger spot quickly.

Rubinettes have been really good, they are not a long storage apple and at this point they are optimal: no more starch left and also no softness or loss of flavor. This year I am putting all the apples in ziplocks right away, in the past I let some sit out in the fridge without being bagged for some time. The Rubinettes I did that with got all rubbery. This year in the ziplocks they are staying crisp and excellent. I have been eating a lot of them, I stored around a bushel.

Reinette Clochard is never a very crisp apple, but they are also not getting rubbery in storage. Its supposed to last for a very long time and I can believe it. My tree is not in the best spot and the apples vary in quality depending on how much sun they get. When they are good they are really good, they have many different interesting flavors packed in, from pineapple to caramel.

Hubbardston Nonesuch are good but not great, I think I picked too early due to deer activity. They need to fully ripen to get the nice rose-petal aromatic flavors, and you never get more aromatics in storage.


I’ll be interested in know just long those Rubinettes do hold up in storage. My limited experience was that after a few weeks in plastic they start to decline pretty quickly.


I have some keepsake, roxbury russet and baldwin in the crisper (along with my forelle pear experiment). They have only been in there since Oct 10ish, so not much of a test so far. I only got a few keepsakes, but I’m having a hard time not grabbing one occasionally and eating them. They are so good (from the start) that I probably won’t find out how well they keep. I got more baldwins so I don’t feel too guilty about eating them. I like their taste better biting into them with the skin on if that makes any sense. The keepsakes we can cut up and shovel down :slight_smile: Maybe the baldwin flavor has improved a bit but I’m not sure. I haven’t done too much with the roxbury – they seemed kind of rubbery to me earlier so I thought they might get better with some time. I had some roxbury and baldwin in the regular part of the fridge, and it was maybe dehydrating them a bit but not too bad.


I finally had a good harvest of Haralson apples so was able to save some out to see how they last. Not surprising those with any kind of damage (corking, birds, insects) mostly got rubbery first. Storage is not the best as it is a root cellar that doesn’t cool down (to about 40) till November. Now it’s as cool as I want it till spring. I had 16 apples left (been eating them right along) and just took the ‘worst’ 8 which were still in pretty good shape, some just getting a little rubbery, rest still pretty firm (though not as crisp as fresh). They didn’t sweeten up as much as I thought they would but they mellowed (they are mostly a cooking apple on the tart side) and were acceptable for fresh eating (very good if have no others!).Maybe would be better harvested later. But they make good sauce which is what I have them for. The last 8 feel nicely firm. Storage is in a wood box with towels over top. Sue


I should add another update here… I am keeping more apples longer than usual so I should get better data. Also Matt visited a month ago and we tasted some apples then, its on this thread:

Recently I have been eating through my Hunge’s. They are getting a bit past prime, so they are not a long cellaring apple. They are still very good but are a touch mealy now. Pomme Gris is also very good, also past prime but by even less than Hunge - more just a bit on the soft side, no mealiness yet.


This thread reminded me to check on the apples in my crisper :slight_smile: I’ve been preparing for the growing season and haven’t been sampling my apples enough. The baldwins in the crisper are getting a little softer on the outside. I grabbed one of the softest and it still tastes great. Having grown up on store apples, it just feels strange to bite into an apple that is soft at the skin, and find that they are still crisp underneath. Ordinarily I would be hunting for a firm apple, thinking that firm means it’s still good/fresh/edible.


I have a dozen Goldrush left. They are getting better and better. I’m just going to leave them alone another month before I try one.