How big does a nemagard peach get?

I decided to go with Home Depot instead of direct gardening for the dwarf Red Haven Peach based on the last post about Direct Gardening. On the questions page it mentions it was grafted onto Nemagaurd rootstock. Thing is online seems to be mixed on how dwarfing it is. I looked it up and some say 8-12 feet, others 10-15 and others 15 to 18 feet. Even the seller can’t seem to decide as it says 10-12 feet with a spread of 10 on Home Depot but states a height of 10-15 feet on the Online Orchard website which is the seller at Home Depot. I am curious what people think Nemagaurd can actually get to.

Unless you are trying to get a huge tree, then prune accordingly. Peaches benefit from hard annual pruning.

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