How can I prevent petunia cuttings from rotting?

I have tried rooting petunias but their stems always rotted and they died. I rooted them in potting soil in a humidity dome.

Any suggestions for rooting petunias such that hey do not rot?

Petunias are annuals. They are cheap and everywhere sells them. In the spring our Costco sells them by the truckload, places like burpee sell seeds for them, all our local nursery have them and our big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes sell them for cheap. Everyone that grows annuals gets them. I call petunia the basic annual flower. Not sure why you would want to take a cutting of them when the are everywhere for cheap…

I want to grow from cuttings because I like the variety and have not seen it before and I enjoy doing that.

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You need a better draining and sterile rooting media. While they need to be kept in a high humidity state the stems cant stay in soil that does not drain well. Bottom heating the tray is usually beneficial on most cuttings as well.