How do apricots do when severely headed to older wood?

I had a big tree branch snap off my youngish apricot about 2 feet above the graft. There are a lot of buds (with no green) on the remaining cultivar’s trunk, but I’m a little afraid that the buds (bud eyes?) won’t want to sprout leaves. Does anyone know if apricots are a problem this way? It’s a semi-dwarf Goldcot, and it had already mostly leafed out when this happened a few days ago. It’s probably 3 years old in total, I’d guess.

In my experience, young apricot trees are pretty good in producing new branches below a heading cut.


I cut back two huge Manchurian “bush” apricots last year and they sprouted out all over the main trunk

Even older trees will sprout. I have three varieties I topworked at around 6 years old on the main trunk 1’ or so above ground. All three produced sprouts and I kept one on each, so I still have all three topworked varieties.

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