How Do You Control Japanese Beetles?

They have not come yet, but want to get prepared. I grow a couple of sweet cherry trees. They are beetles magnets. The beetles always like to suck their leaves and leave the wild cherry trees alone (at least what I think).

Other than catching them by hand, any organic method, like spray etc?

A new organic product is out. it is a new strain of BT bacteria that you spray on the leaves, and they kill the beetles when they eat the leaves.

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No harm done with leaves and fruits? I figure when beetles come, the flowers are already gone. So no worry about killing bees…

I use Milky Spore and it has reduced what once was a serious problem to
just a minor occurrence.

Not that I know of? It is only a bacteria, not a chemical. This is the third strain of BT bacteria now used. One for larvae and caterpillars used in Capt Jack’s dead bug brew, or Thuricide BT Insect Killer by Bonide. Also one for mosquito larvae like in mosquito dunks. This BT also can be appied to the lawn to kill beetle larvae. A perfect compliment to milky spore. Any not killed in the ground, and make it to beetle stage will be killed by this BT.

The product is patented by Gardens Alive and sold for foliage spray as beetleJUS!™ (Beetlejuice)
Expensive too, but I’m buying it. I can’t treat my neighbor’s yard with milky spore or any grub killer. But every beetle that feeds in my yard on my plants dies with this product. It works too, I heard an interview with a 3rd party tester, he has no interest in the company, he said it works very well.
It is sold as grubHALT!™ for grub lawn treatment.