How do you re-size pictures?

Help needed. Do not know how to resize pictures for posting. I get many alerts saying mine are too big.

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What are you using for a device? I have an option on my phone to resize in the photo editor.

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I agree with @Travis that if you’re on a phone, the built-in editor is probably your best and easiest choice.

If you’re on a PC or Mac, try dowloading GIMP.

It’d be like using a bulldozer to plant geraniums, but it’ll get the job done. Open your image in gimp, select Scale Image from the Image menu, and reduce the image dimensions to get to where you want and press the Scale button. If you cut the pixel dimensions in half, your file size will be about 1/4 what it was. To save it, go to File and select Overwrite {filename here}, or select Export As if you want to keep your original file intact.


I just go to google, type resize image, save and upload!

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I use mspaint to do a lot of photo stuff. I’ve used it forever so its simple to do screen grabs (ctrl prt sc) and crop and resize to whatever i want…just save them in .jpg. If i have stuff on my phone i send those pics thru whatsapp and then can grab them from a pc (using whatsapp).

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Yes, the basic MS Paint is capable of resizing images.

Thank you all, its just for posting pictures here. I’ve not received a message before saying my pics are too large and will not be accepted…