How ealy can you start pruning Peach trees?

I understand we can’t talk dates because Spring in Indiana is far later than Spring in South Carolina. Is there a guide related to “X” number of weeks before bloom? Or any other method?

I’m a slow pruner, a branch here and there until I’m happy. As I look out over our 3 peach trees there are some real clear suckers and long shoots I’m itching to cut. My zone is Southern Indiana

My thought is when the danger of a severe freeze has largely past. I’d think that would be soon in your area. And it sounds like you won’t be getting carried away with severe pruning. I doubt you’d hurt anything getting started now.

You can prune peach trees any time you want. I prune mine year round.

If you are in zone 5 as your profile indicates, I would wait. If you prune now, there is a chance of freeze in Feb or even March. Your trees probably would not die but could sustain some damage.

In colder climates, pruning peaches during bloom time is recommended.

It’s still about 2 months before bloom so I have plenty of time, Last year bloom was April 8th.

my peach trees are trying to bud out now, i’m in south Ky zone 6b, very unusual.

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My peach tree is going to bloom soon as well. My tree is growing very un-evenly. Came like that a year ago. I don’t want to prune out one of the big branches. I think I’ll just do the lower one. Sound reasonable?

In southern California, I prune most of my fruit trees in summer after harvest except avocado and citrus. I find that it encourages fruiting wood during the remainder of the season and produces abundant fruit the following year. Winter pruning is for obvious dead branches and things I missed structurally when the leaves were still present during summer. You’ll find timing to be dictated really by local climate.