How far along are your trees 2019?


It’s supposed to get into the 60s this week, and the mason bees have started to hatch. If I don’t see some signs of life from my trees by the weekend, I’m going to start wondering




Same up north. My outside trees still look almost fully dormant, I can see just the tiniest bit of green on some plum and cherry leaf buds. I have a multi-graft apricot in the garage that is at least at 50% bloom, except for the Zard grafts which are just swelling. Next year I might move it outside in late winter in hopes of delaying the bloom, but I’m a little afraid of the toll overnight temps in teens will take on the roots (it is in a large fabric grow bag.)


Here are photos from today of a cherry, plum, and persimmon.


What variety of persimmon is it? @69.99 is quite a steep price.

I also like the flowering trees in the background,


Finally have some fruit buds opening up, there’s a bloom at tight cluster on my Moonglow pear, and one or two Contender peach blooms at first pink, and the other three peaches have leaves coming on. All the pluots are really showing some leaves, along with the Pineapple pear. Looks like the Juliet cherry bush is starting to green up, too.


Despite barely having any trunk (it’s almost rotten all the way through), my Rainier cherry sure as heck enjoys putting out flowers. The whole tree looks like this and it kind of reminds me of being completely covered in cotton balls from afar. To bad I have to remove it after this season. I may grab a few scions from it before removal.


I love to see the spring blossoms


My Niedzwetzkyana apple is past full bloom…and Granny Smith has the king blooms open.
Too early to tell if they survived Sunday and Monday night cold temps.
I think perhaps they did.


Just about all of my 17 apples have virtually no activity going on right now, not even any leaves. The only one that is is the Alkmene, which bloomed early last year too. It has a few buds at first pink.

How cold did it get at your place those nights? It was 26 and 24 those nights here. Some fruit bud freeze charts say 24 is where you can get about 90% kill of blossoms. There are some kind of trees around this area blooming, don’t know if they’re fruit trees, though.


Well, first I do have a relatively frost free spot near Somerset.
Second, it got to 23 in Berea where I was the coldest night…but probably didn’t get that cold in Somerset.
That was 3 days ago, I’m guessing Granny Smith is white with bloom now. (Although I am thinking of planting a new tree near it…Granny Smith is a pain in the butt…plus if I want them (I don’t) I’d just go to the grocery store. And take a chainsaw to ‘Granny’…she hasn’t given me 25 apples I don’t think since I planted her from Miller Nursery in 1991.


Southern Rockies. Apricots bloomed last week and promptly froze. Nothing from the other trees, not even the pears.

It’s getting to the point where I would have to worry about them ripening before the next frost.


Everything has at least budded, except my mulberry. Again.

This looks like it’s going to be the 4th or 5th mulberry that simply fails to leaf out after it’s first winter, even when my figs & poms are surviving.


What do you mean? Is it on a hill? We are, so that might help us a little bit more compared to folks down along the creek.

Wow, that is poor output. Can’t say I blame you. Didn’t Miller Nursery become Stark Bros?

I was out today and noticed one of my Grimes Golden had what looked like some small fruit buds peeking out. Orient pear has several buds in tight cluster now.


Tragedy struck to the tree I just posted a picture of… :frowning:


Oh wow, what happened? Looks like it got run over. Sorry to see that.


Yes, it got backed up over. It was really hard not to do so though, but still sucks. It was doomed for death, but I was hoping to get another season out of it.




Shiro and methely plum, shiro has a spectacular fragrance, always super reliable.


What a shame, At least you got to see the flowers