How far from property line/neighbor’s yard to plant persimmons

What would you suggest as per planting trees next to neighbor’s property line. I would like to start preparing and maybe plant a few trees this fall but not sure how close should I plant them.

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If you are keeping them under 20ft tall you could plant them 10ft away from the line and have enough room to access it from all sides and the fruit drop won’t go into their yard. I guess you could espalier them even closer than that.

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What is the available space in feet of the planting area
from the property line to the opposite side of the area, and
will you want to plant multiple rows of trees?

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My property is more like piece of pie, wide up front and narrow towards the back. From the back of my house till the end of my property is approximately 680 feet. That’s where I would like to plant the trees along the right side side of my property.

Towards the front from the property line to the opposite side is about 150 feet but way back to the end of the property I have only about 60 feet.

I guess 10 feet it’s ok for the most part . I really don’t want to have the trees on the middle of my property but also I don’t want my fruits dropped on their property.

You didn’t say the expected size of the tree. But in most states, a neighbor can pick or even prune any part of the tree that extends into his “air space.” I’d keep ample room for branches as well as ladders so you can pick and prune yourself in peace. Personally, I’d try to keep the tree about as far from the boundary as the tree is high (e.g., 20’ of distance for a 20’ tree). Note that American persimmons can get very large.


Once the trees have reaches some maturity with multiple-inch diameter trunks, you can do some asymmetrical pruning to keep the fruit away from the property line without causing the tree to lean or fall. This can be done gradually over the years.


Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!
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