How is your weather? (Part 2)

We’ve enjoyed almost a week of crisp, sunny days and mildly frosty nights, but it looks like more normal weather will be returning soon:

Still snow covered here. Sun has finally come out (have no idea for how long) …i think it was last Thursday when we had some sun.

We had about 2 inches of snow.

Goats can come inside and sleep on the couch ? :goat: :bed:

Sun already gone. Solar power this time of year is pretty weak around here.

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don’t give my wife any ideas. she worries about them all the time. they only need a 3 sided structure to survive the elements according to several goat forums. mine are in a repurposed ice shack so they’re spoiled.

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You’ll wake up and the goats will be watching Youtube.

Snow quickly started sticking when the sun went down and the roads are snow covered and slick. They salted everything so the rust can begin eating away my car.

I noticed my peach was still clinging onto a few green leaves. Those things have issues going dormant here.

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Bare ground here…for now.

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-12 windchill tomorrow. Mid November seems a bit early, but probably not.

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First hard freeze of the fall, glad I decided to bring all the potted avocado seedlings into the greenhouse last night even though the forecast was just 30°F, I had a feeling that was wrong. So far down to 25°:


was black ice bad last night. many accidents. our ground is still so warm here that the flurries we got yesterday hit the road and melted then falling temps flash froze it. my contender has some as well and i didn’t fertilize it when i planted this spring. hopefully it survives our winter.

about right for here but unusual in the last 15yrs. or so.

We’ve had 3 days of snow, off and on, over 12" on the ground now. First a storm came in from the west and then we had 2 days of lake effect snow. Farther north of us got much more.


snowmobiles been buzzing by on the trail next door all day.

Apricots still have leaves, nects, too. They never color, just eventually give up and fall. Only pears have nice color to the leaves.

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Windy, heavy snow and cold…like a blizzard out there this morning. Opening day of gun deer in Wisconsin. I’m guessing some might sleep in.


Howling wind, Santa Ana kind, I don’t really like it. Too noisy.


Typical, near perfect, California weather. But we need rain!

I can send snow.

17F and windy. Brutal day with strong winds, cold temps and on and off snow showers.

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I’d happily take the water equivalent? lol

Here’s the weather here. It is 11 degrees here tonight. Way too cold too soon this season.
Maybe not a good thing I planted a Goldrush apple. It may not ripen correctly seeing how we get this weather early to mid November. Time will tell.


I had 10F this morning. I forgot to pick my brussels sprouts…oops

Extended starting today looks great. Should be 33F today and upper 30Fs/low 40Fs all week and sunshine. Rain chance Thurs…but still mild. All this snow (which isn’t much) will be gone quickly. I hope the soil isn’t frozen --also need to put fencing around some trees (rabbits).