How is your weather?


Yup, but we call that ‘dew’.


Peach trees starting to set fruit and patches of frost on the ground - low was 34. Wonder how many peaches and pears I lost today?


I have 50 strawberries in 1 gallon pots inside…all going out today. Hopefully i can just scoot them in the garage at night. Weekend looks great outside of maybe some clouds tonite…60Fs for sure Sunday…tomorrow should be close.


Weather has been very good this spring…I might have to thin pretty substantially, but don’t want to count my chicken yet. Extended forecast looks great.


Yup…it’s horrible in the upper midwest:



I have some new Earlyglow plants - will put them out this weekend


My EG have been blooming for a couple weeks now. I’ve noticed that some of the blooms look black on the inside, does that indicate a frostbitten, probably dead bloom? We had a low of 30 this morning, and I’m wondering if that is too low for open blossoms.

There are other buds starting to open, so they should make it okay.

Did you get your “Y” strawbs put out yet? How did they look when you got them?


Y = Yambu

They were pretty dormant, crowns with little or no growth showing, but they’ve been in over a week now and starting to push

That’s called “strawberry black eye” and it does mean a dead bloom. I’ve found that strawberry are about the most susceptible bloom to frost. I cover mine in bud whenever the forecast is iffy.


Yah, I knew they were Yambu, I just thought you didn’t want it disclosed. I read about them on Nourse’s site, and it’s supposed to be a promising variety.

Well, crap. I was hoping it wasn’t that. I don’t know why they got zapped. It got down to 28 once last week, and 30 last night, so that may have done it? I remember covering them with some straw, tho. Hopefully there’s enough new buds to make up for these losses.


Re: Yambu - I tend to be rather name-impaired, so that all Y-names are as one to me


Dew? What’s that? :wink:

We rarely have moisture from condensation – maybe half dozen times a year.


GFS wants to bring a cold front thru here now Thurs/Fri…complete flip. I might have to bring plants back in again. Something to watch. Ughhhhh… Hopefully its wrong, but the EUro does show a blob moving thru midwest. After that warm again…hmmmmmm


We rarely have a day without it…


Wow …
360 days x 0.06 inch/day = 21.6 inches ~= 3 times my typical annual rainfall.


It get so humid here you can see your breath in the moistness. Sometimes it really is crazy. A very low humidity for us would be high 20’s in the winter but that is rare. It’ll go from 35% in ht eday to 95% at night in the same day


Do you like that? I remember one 4th of July…it was like 10pm and we were watching the fireworks and the temp was still 90F or better and the dew point was mid/upper 70Fs…it was almost hard to breath. I remember i had to take my daughter back to the car to sit in the AC…and even that had a hard time cooling us down. Great for plant growth///at least the more tropical stuff, but my old bones don’t care for it…but that is why mother nature invented AC.


I’m full of arthritis. The heat is nice to my bones but the humidity can just take your breath away. I have gotten used to it but from time to time I have to retire to the AC as well. It can get truly annoying but I was raised in Ohio and I’ll take this over Ohio all day every day. I will say we have had the nicest late winter early spring I have in my memory of 29 years here…It’s been just absolutely perfect for the most part.



So is that like “unseasonably cool” or hard freeze they’re talking about?




Beautiful day here. I had to be at home this morning to supervise on of those moving PODS being delivered, and then spent the afternoon tearing trees out.

I got all of my small trees moved to a temporary site for the growing season.

While working I was able to get away with short sleeves. Pretty awesome.