How is your weather?


Just another 87F day lol


You beat me by 20% on the low humidity and 10° on the high temperature. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we get very hot and extremely dry once our warm season kicks in lol (another month roughly)


looks like we’re gonna crack 60 tues.! melting like crazy! flood warnings out along the rivers. pretty impressive to watch when the ice breaks up. chunks the size of cars all pushing up on themselves. very dynamic!


mid 60Fs here the next few days… :sunny: midweek turns cooler but next weekend looks like we run towards 70F…

Doesn’t look wet the next 10 days so that is good…don’t need any moisture.

There is a heatwave of sorts across Europe…i noticed currently its 81F in Paris.


So far, the forecast lows for the midweek are holding just above freezing, but I don’t trust them


Yup…right above freezing here every night …i left a bunch of plants out last night and the low was 34F … i think if we get lucky the whole week will be safe.


That’s what I thought last week

By the weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if cots were open, but it’s the strawberries - I have some needing to be set out, already in bloom for waiting, and they can’t take a frost at all


This weather has been kinda surreal. At certain times of the year, certain things track together…temp, day length, where the sun sets, shadows, what’s blooming that indicate what season you are in. They are not tracking this year.
A few nights ago I was out near sunset, grafting jujubes. It was light at 7:45 (check). The sun was setting on the north side of my neighbor’s house (check, it sets on the south side when it is cold, aka winter). So the spring/warm weather signs are here…and I’m wearing 2 hoodies because it is ‘unseasonably’ cold…like wintery cold. Seems wrong…or off…or surreal.
Maybe we should work on global cooling…JUST KIDDING on that one.


Currently it’s 61 and sunny :slight_smile: How appropriate, the most southern city in the country was the warmest today at 66 degrees.


65F here this afternoon. Very nice day with very little wind, sunshine. Tomorrow may hit 70F…should be close. Nothing blooming yet.

1st week of May looks mild/warm/hot? across most of US…


We have upper 50 today,nice,feel like spring finally here。was outside grafting plums. Just couple of days, all buds are ready to bloom! J.plum shiro.


if GFS is right…heatwave starts Sat…by next Mon-Weds could easily be talking 80F at least 1 or 3 of those days. Mid 60Fs here already…planting stuff in ground.


Raining today, off and on, with more to come tomorrow. It would be nice to go a full week and not get any. It was dry enough to plow, but I still tore up part of the yard with the tractor because it was still damp. But, it’s below a small pond and takes forever to dry out.

At least it’s not supposed to drop below 40 this week.


The warmer it gets, the faster it dries out


Yesterday’s temperatures and solar energy


Trough into California///southwest flow out of the deserts into the midwest…heat incoming for late weekend/early next week…extended looks like we fall back to probably more normalish weather. Not going to stick around it would seem.

next mon


33F this morning…tonite looks chilly…right around freezing. Still no blooms open.

Mon and Tues should be the first 80F readings of the year…although storms look likely.

Second week of May showing some major heat out west…

100F yesterday in Phoenix…1st one i think


We got to 90 degrees yesterday…extended forecast into May looks warm. The sooner the heat comes the better because the aphids won’t leave my plums alone.


I would say you might be hitting some record highs in the next 2 weeks.

Just looking at local temps…for the month thru yesterday…we are sitting at 37.6F for the month…the record coldest from 1874 is 39.3F … should be close, but we should set a new record.