How is your weather?


Frost forecast overnite - a few blooms opening


Wow massive chilling all thru April. You got more this month than I got all winter. Most of my outdoor fruit either didn’t set or won’t grow due to lack of chilling. Your apples will be done blooming two months before mine finish. Seven yrs and I still haven’t seen a bloom on Honeycrisp or Ashmead’s Kernel.


This month has been brutal…

I’ve had 1 night above 40F …although no single digits this month.

The core of the cold seems to be sitting over MN…the snow doesn’t help…30+ inches in parts of Wisconsin this month…insanity.


Sunday and Monday could push that higher


Calling for mid 30s tonight and tomorrow night, so I’m a bit worried about the strawberry plants that are blooming pretty heavily now. I was out there this morning, and saw quite a few “black eyes” on the Earliglow plants, but I don’t know why, we haven’t had temps in the 30s for over a week. But, there are also some of them already forming into berries. I’m debating whether to cover them for the next couple nights.

The Jewel plants aren’t blooming yet,but they look like the buds are swelling. But, being a mid-late variety it makes sense that they’re lagging behind the EG.


My weather is a four letter word: SUCK


Yeah…i’m too lazy to avg out what it will end up being with the current forecast but should be close.

Today looked nice, but only felt warm if you were out of the wind. That wind was chilly.

I have a few container blooming strawberries, but i moved those into garage.

GFS looks very may like…60Fs 70Fs ///maybe a tad warmer at times. Nothing record breaking, but nothing cold. I think our nights of 30Fs might be coming to an end.


I went outside this afternoon in short sleeves, thinking it’s 65, I won’t need one. After getting a bit of cold north wind on my face, I was like, dang it’s kinda chilly out here. By the time I got on the riding mower about 4, I had a long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker on, along with a cap to keep my ears warm. I thought, good grief, here it is April freakin’ 28th, and I’m wearing a coat to mow in.

It’s 11pm now, and it’s down to 45 already. I didn’t cover my blooming strawberries, and may rue that decision. Hopefully, it will be a bit cloudy tonight and not get down to freezing. I left my potted apple bench grafts out in the unheated shed last night, but brought them in tonight. They would prob be OK, but not taking any chances. After 35 tomorrow night they’ll be spending the rest of their days outside.


33F this morning. That should be it. i really doubt freeze/frosts are going to be an issue now. GFS is warm right thru week 2… averages are quickly moving up…


When I went to bed about 1am, it was 39, so I’m thinking it won’t drop more than a few more degrees over the next 5 hours of darkness. Well, when I got up, I checked the temp gauge and it said we got down to 32, awesome :angry:. I took a look at the strawbs this afternoon, and noticed some black eye blooms, but really don’t know if they got bit last night. We have another night of similar temps, so, yippee…

But I will say, it’s in the mid 60s now, and sunny, and better yet, no rain in the next 5 days.


we could use rain - I watered the strawbs this morn, they look so dry this aft. Humidity 19%

The pink magnolia was just breaking bloom yesterday, and when I checked it today, the flowers were still sound. Frost gets them just about every other year, so I figure everything else will have been safe over last nite


Yeah…very dry here with the low dews and no moisture since the snowfall just about 2 weeks ago. The next 2 days should really push blooms.


We had our first significant rain today since Sept. All of 0.2 inches but with only a little hail. 20 miles away there was tennis ball hail and 70mph wind. This time of yr the significant rains are often half hail.


You better have up your hail protection.

Think though…couple hundred miles to your east? they had 40 inches+ of rain. There is a Youtube guy working on a Tesla model S that i believe was a flood vehicle from one of those storms//everything is covered in mold.

We had a lot of wind today and it would seem like the next 2 days also look windy but much warmer. Maybe storms Tues.


Lovely. Mid fifties going to the 80’s next week.


No kidding. We just had another storm cell past just to our northeast. It spit out a little 2 inch hail and it didn’t rain a lick. Fortunately the stones were spaced out about 5ft apart.

I’ve never seen country before even Amarillo where the first and sometimes only thing that falls is big hail.


I’ve had the weather get me down over the last few years due to late cold temps and this year will no different. A month ago I dealt with another complete loss of my plums, pluots, and cots. And looking at the forecast, I had at least some hope that my later blooming varieties would produce something. Sunday morning I had a light frost but this morning it was 29 degrees with a hard frost. Cherries and Pears are in full bloom and what potentially could have been my first ever apples are probably in jeopardy too. Some apple blooms have opened up and the rest are really close. I signed up for this so I’m to blame. But it seems like an awful lot of time and money to sink into this hobby without getting much in the way of returns. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks if anything will survive to fruit this year.


Very windy here today up to 50 mph. There was a 20 car piled up yesterday on I-80 due to a dust storm. Stormy weather the next few day and 2-3 inches of rain. Possible tornato condition then it will move East ward on Thursday.



Wow Tony, that is wild weather! Be careful!


we lost 3ft. of snow in 8 days. my yard is 75% melted. got most of my pruning . grafting done. half the trees bushes sprayed. a lot of winter damage on my brush fruits. i wish i knew a way to protect them. they get set back every year the snow is deep which is most years. my consort black currants are budding as are my elderberry, aronia and black raspberries. also seeing new shoots on my everbearing raspberries and my rhubarb is sending stalks up thru 6in of snow. comfrey is also starting to grow. amazing how fast everything takes off ones that snow goes! raining in the mid 50’s today.