How is your weather?


Cheer up, I think that 29 shouldn’t kill off many blooms, because at 28 you might get 10% kill. Plus, your berries ought to give you a good crop, especially if the floricanes overwintered OK.

Pluots, peaches and apricots are always going to be a crap shoot in our part of the country. I knew this and planted 3 pluots this year anyway.

It got to 33 here this morning, I put some straw on my blooming Earliglow strawberries last night, so I hope that helped out. Some already have black blooms, so no fruit from those, but they seem to be pushing new blooms out every day, so we might get a decent crop. The Jewel strawbs are just now starting to blossom.


And here we go!..Sitting at 83F currently!


29 degrees one year killed all of my peaches and apricots.


It’s been overcast, a little breezy, and about 60F all day. Tomorrow is forecast to have a 50% chance of 1/8th inch of rain.


We continue chugging along mid 60’s and dry here. Low 80’s by the weekend.


82F and a few clouds :slight_smile: I have been taking plants out over the last few days.


The 50% chance rainfall didn’t happen so I irrigated instead. :slight_smile:


Finally we have a warm ‘streak’. Taking out plants too.


Finally getting some much needed moisture, with little or no snow (with any luck). Looks like we may get as much as 1.75" of liquid over the next few days, with more storms to follow a few days afterwards. While we have not been as dry as the SW of Colorado, it has been a fairly dry winter, so this water will help (except with the spray schedule).


Wow, that’s insanely above average for this time of year for the northeast. Enjoy!


It’s not noon here, and it’s already 80! Very windy, though. Since we haven’t had any rain in about a week, I actually watered the strawberries, and will water the newly planted black and raspberries as well.

Since it’s supposed to stay warm, I’ve started to leave the potted apple grafts outside overnight.

We’re supposed to get rain Friday and Sat, but not enough to matter too much. Before that comes in, I’m going to disk and till the garden plots.


74f and windy. warmest day of the season so far.


Watching Weather Channel (10:30 eastern), they’re showing tornado warnings near OKC and south of KC, heading east. :fearful::fearful:

Heads up @Olpea and @Borer_the_explorer!


Just passed through here about 15 min. ago. Nothing too major. Just wind and rain. Some down power lines.

Borer is a bit south of the main thrust, but it should be hitting his area now. Hopefully not any stronger than what we got.


I just got an alert on my phone. Thanks for thinking of us.


I’ve got two tornado warnings on my phone but it’s not even sprinkling


Watching tv now, they said a radar indicated tornado just NE of Warrensburg, moving east towards Longwood, north of Sedalia. Also a strong cell NE of Odessa. Are you south of all that?

The entire line of rain and storms is moving east, so you’ll probably get a little shower soon.


It all went north of me. All we received was a few rolls of thunder and a couple of drops of rain.


Inch and a half of rain

Every plant out there doubled in size overnite!


little over an inch last 48 hours…super dense fog early…sun and warm now. Everything popping hard here. Mid month looks like you better have the AC ready to go.