How is your weather?


More of it out there, heading our direction. Got lots of spraying to do, hope Fri will be good for it.

CAR galls popped overnite, too


Fire weather watch tomorrow. Dry as a bone with strong winds, we haven’t had any measurable rain this spring


Heaviest seems to be staying just south of here.




It is about right, we got a lot of rain in past 12hours


Really warm today, in the high 80s. We’ve resisted turning on the AC, but it’s really warm in the house, even with he fan on and windows open. Not supposed to get below 60 tonight, so it could be another uncomfortable night.

Our niece is getting married later Sat afternoon, over at the in-laws place. Outside, with canopies/tents. So, we are really watching the forecasts for the next couple of days. Some are saying scattered showers, others are saying maybe a steady rain. For the new couple’s sake, we’re obviously hoping for just a passing shower and nothing more.


Moving back into the 90’s here. Can’t complain, We had a Wonderful Spring, Best in many years. And it looks like reasonable humidity for now…


May 4th. Beautiful day, and although the temperature approached the dew point there was less than 0.01" precipitation.


We had our first 90F near miss lol. Clocked in at 88.2 yesterday!


Well, today was wedding day for our niece. Good thing we had extra tents set up because it pretty much rained all afternoon and evening. The procession and ceremony had to be done in the big tent, as opposed to outside. But, it did let up enough so that they were able to get most of the pictures taken outside the tent.

It still was a nice service, my wife played the keyboard for the ceremony, and I taped it with the in-laws’ camcorder. It was quite emotional for her but she is very close to both of her nieces (her sister’s daughters). She babysit them a lot when they were growing up, and was involved in their early years quite a bit. We’re all glad that’s done with, and wish them a happy future.

Anyways, It’s still raining now, and from what I can tell we got about 3/4" so far, and is supposed to rain more overnight. Might get another half inch before it moves out. It was awful over at the Derby today, they got over 3", what a mess. We didn’t watch it as the wedding started about at post time.

We actually needed a bit of rain since it’s been kind of dry and warm this week. This ought to really get those last few berry plants to spring up.


Enjoying our 1st ‘tropical disturbance’ that came up the coast that no one was expecting (b/c it is kinda early for those). I say ‘enjoying’ because the pollen count was off the charts and the rain barrels were empty. :blush:


As my brother said during his wedding (years ago) “It’s supposed to be good luck to have it rain on your wedding, but I’ve never heard that it’s bad luck for it to be sunny.” And it rained on his wedding, of course.


We got married when we were both in our early 40s, it was cold and cloudy, but no rain, so I don’t know what that portends. Still going after 9 years. We actually attend the church we got married in.

Of course when we walked out of church today, it was sunny and beautiful. Our rain gauge showed about 1.5" over the last couple days.


Day we got married it was upper 90Fs and over 100F heat index…we had outdoor wedding. No one died, although it wouldn’t have surprised me :blush:


We must have gotten married on the same day, hot and humid. Celebrating 50th this year!


50 here, too!


Just getting started…

Looks rainy Weds/Fri/Sat …lot cooler too depending on cloud cover.

Leafing out at a rapid pace here.

Extended looks very May ish…


Interesting set up for this weekend…hope i’m in the warm sector.

nws la crosse

Very tricky temperature forecast during the Friday/Saturday
timeframe, with some hints that temps may be stuck only in the 40s
(maybe even upper 30s?) in some areas north of the warm front with
clouds while areas farther south may spike into the 70s if that
boundary can briefly flex northward (a big "if).


The dry weather has been gorgeous, but plants need water

But the dry weather keeps down disease, and the humid weather encourages it

Can’t win it all


been upper 60’s and dry here for over a week now. went from flooding to fire danger. had to water some containers yesterday.