How is your weather?


supposed to hit mid 70’s today. been very dry so humidity is still low. unusuall for mid may. usually rainy and cool. need a good soaking rain to give the plants a boost to leaf out. my currants and honey berries have leafed out and are starting to flower. put out my mason bee cocoons yesterday,


Guess what? Theres a tropical disturbance coming our way.


I was going to say, in California? a moist day :laughing:


Nice downpour this afternoon…it won’t stop raining. Wet dog pattern.

T storms a good bet Friday night…should be dry until then.


It is getting hot and dry early this year. Currently 91 degrees and it will drop to 90 for or afternoon tennis match. Lots of water and towels.


yesterday we got our first real rainfall in almot 20 days…we needed it…expecting thunderstorms the rest of the week and somewhat cooler temps.


More rain this weekend. Another turd weekend possible around here.


I should have some dry days coming up to get in needed spraying

This weather has activated the CAR galls again


I’ve seen a ton of damage on my trees this spring. Really showing up now. I had a lot of blueberry damage, peach damage (Contender), some trees are being very slow to leaf out. Even my very established Alderman plum is not looking right. I lost a lot of container trees too…i think that was just because they sat for too long in the garage and probably dried out too much. Usually they get moved out much sooner. I will say the Krymsk 1 and its grafts are doing the best. The apples are full of blooms, the pears are full of blooms (I did lose one Bartlett tree). I also burnt a bunch of leaves on tropical plants i moved outside…oops.

I got my pond set up too… i put a few tropical water lily in it…along with 1 hardy water lily. Now i have to get some goldfish or something.

Nice day today… Temp around 80F…dews in the upper 40Fs…nice drying weather.


Make sure you have your AC ready to go…this looks ugly warm:


HA!!! We in Florida are the only spot on the map at Normal…Our Normal hot as ______ but normal none the less!


The NWS shows it wetter then normal across N Florida 8-14 so that is probably what will temper the extreme heat.

May looks to end up as a hot month after a record cold April.


@BobVance, just heard and saw the news that your general area got peltg by nickle-size hails!!! Hope they missed your neighborhood.

We got a strong wind and pouring rain but no hail.




same here. some from the cold some from the heavy snow. my juliet cherry never leafed out. it was mistakenly sent to me last nov. so i potted it and put it in the garage. guess it couldn’t take the -35f we had in jan.


I was still at work when the strong wind/rain/lightning happened. It was kind of pretty, as there are a lot of cherry trees there, which were just finishing their bloom, so the wind really whipped them around. It looked like snow.

Things didn’t look too bad when I got home, but it was dark, so I’ll know more tomorrow.


We had a quick storm blow through about an hour ago. It started raining lightly with heavy lightning and thunder. Then the wind kicked in and then down it came in buckets. We even got a bit of very small hail, but it didn’t last long. The wind was whipping the heavy rain against the west side of the house, so the water started seeping through the top of the door in the utility room. Had to clear things out to clean up the puddles. It does that when the door doesn’t seal properly at the top. After about 25 minutes, it was over with.

During a lull, I went out to bang the top of the door to make sure it did seal. It’s starting to come down heavy again now, this cell just blew up west of us, so who knows how long it’ll last. Looks like we’ll get over an inch just in the last couple hours.

I took the spotlight and did a quick look see around the property, and nothing seems to be amiss. We ended up with a little under an inch, which is a lot for that amount of time. The strawberries look fine, they actually look like they sprung up after the rain, which we did need. The plots I just tilled today look OK, a bit muddy but no standing water.

I guess we’re paying the price for a hot, humid day with this rain. It’s supposed to be like this for the next 3-4 days, so it won’t hurt to get a bit more, we just don’t need a bunch of these half hour inch downpours.


Update. Well, I thought the heavy stuff was done with about 10:30. Wrong. About 11, a cell formed west of here, and just seemed to spread over the area, and not move much. At about 12:30 the heaviest rain was over with. We got another 1.5", for a total of about 2.6" in just over two hours. It’s raining lightly now and it looks like it’s finally fading out some.

When it let up, i ventured outside with the spotlight again. Not a pretty sight. The potato patch has three channels running through it now, with some of the seed potatoes exposed. And this a day after we planted them. The lower plot by the old house has parts partially washed out as well. Thankfully we don’t have any more veggies planted yet, and we’ll have to wait another week before we can plant again.

I checked the strawb patch, and while there’s standing water in places, none of the plants are washed out.

I checked the lower driveway, which got washed out twice last year, but this year is in better shape. I had earlier this year cleared out some obstructions that were preventing proper drainage through cuverts and pipes. As I write this inside, I can hear the roar of the runoff rolling down the creek bed on the north side of the property. We are OK as we’re on the top of the hill, and there are various drainage ditches around the farm.

I can’t stand this freaking weather. We had a similar scenario almost exactly a year ago, with similar results. I am tired and pi$$ed, and I gotta get up in 5 hours. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out in the morning. Nite all.


Not too much damage down here in Albion. Our extreme cold was in December if I remember right. I was worried that the trees hadn’t hardened off yet…they did.

Weather has been below normal at night…looks like we are dipping down to around 40 (or slightly below) over the next few nights…which means you must be looking at low 30s. Take a look at the temp maps…Sweden & Finland are in the 80s…then look at Northeastern North America…cold blob. I just laugh when I see these temp forecast maps that show Maine above normal…hasn’t happened and isn’t in the 15 day forecast…we’re lucky to make it above 70.


Yeah…i watch a guy on Youtube that lives in Oslo, Norway and its warmer there then here lately. Crazy stuff.

Mid 80Fs here today…so summerish