How is your weather?


was 26 here this morning! have a lot of plants leafing out. don’t see any damage yet but most of my plants are z3 hardy so im not too worried.




Yesterday. Morning clouds followed by clear skies. Solar generation peaked at 896 Wh per 15 min. for a total of 24 KWh.


86F here today…was a little humid early, but we mixed out and the dews dropped back into the 40Fs…lots of sun…very summer like day overall. Beautiful. River was full of boats this evening. Should at least drop back into the 50Fs overnight…windows open weather. House got pretty warm this afternoon.


Fine, fine day. Worked outside in yard and garden, altho it was still kinda wet on the ground


91 today after having a total of .3" of rain this spring. My seedling trees planted less than three weeks ago are already starting to die. Gotta love the vagaries of weather


Here as well.


We’re a lot cooler now here in NC after having several days above 90 that fried some of my grafts :frowning: Every variety still has at least one good one, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there. And I’m going to graft more in the rain while we’re cool because I still have wood – why not :smiley: ?

But like lots of y’all, it’s supposed to rain all week here. I will miss a round of fungicide on everything. It’s my 1st year getting tree fruit (weather), so I can just hope I didn’t screw up by not spraying early!

I’ll probably run out between drizzle and storms and try to get a systemic one on. Only 3 trees are bearing this year, so it could be quick.


Rain totals here overnight was 3", this afternoon we got another 1.25". Probably not too much rain tomorrow, but more due on friday before letting up a bit. We went to town today, and had to stop and wait about a mile down the road due to a road crew cleaning up a bad slide. There were a couple more areas that had mud and debris on the road.

The two plots that I tilled yesterday before the deluge have some standing water and a little bit of washout. The tater a patch is a mess, with some significant erosion. My wife planted the seed potatoes and onions there Monday while I was laying down lime and fertilizer. There are several taters washed up, and the onion row took a beating, with many of the onion bulbs washed out of the plot. It’s going to be several days waiting for it to dry out some before we can even try to remedy the situation.

Us trying to grow potatoes for now the third year in a row has been a disaster. Last year we also got hit with heavy rains which rotted them before they sprouted, and after we replanted, those either didn’t come up, or deer got the rest. Two years ago, we had our crop hit with a hard freeze in mid May, while the plants were about 1-2ft tall. They got bit hard, and never really recovered.

The strawberry patch has a bit of standing water in it, but being on a slope, it drains well. The plants are bigger now than last year, and keep the plot from eroding more. I’m going to have to really lay down the mulch as there’s a lot of fruit laying on bare ground.

Our lower yard plot, which was plowed and disked a couple weeks ago, had two channels of water running through it, I’m still puzzled why it’s happening. There’s a drainage ditch above it that might be overflowing into it, so we’ll have to fix that somehow.

There’s maybe 3 or 4 of our two year old apple trees that are experiencing the same symptoms as our Moonglow pear- the vertical going branches are laying over. Is it because they’re too long and the branch can’t support its weight in addition to all the leaves on it while wet? None of these trees were doing this before the big rains hit.

As mentioned earlier, it’s very frustrating trying to grow anything in this environment. It’s like living in a rain forest.


In addtition to the last 4 days of rain, we have rain in the forecast 9 out of the next 10 days…not sure what this will do to the trees with fruit on them. I’ve got a few apples and a bunch of citrus…will probably need to hit the lawn with some fungicde when this finally let’s up…


We’ve been lucky to avoid the massive amounts of rain that those South of us have gotten. Peach, plums and pears are being pollinated. We’ve got needed rain heading our way this weekend…up to .75 right now. Next 2 nights look COLD…37 & 38. Those North of us will dip into the 20s.


might be a good idea to invest in putting in raised beds to grow in. they drain better and stay put. i have no choice here as my rocky compact clay soil won’t allow the roots to spread from the original planting hole. i gave up on my original garden plot because it was a nightmare tilling and amending it, trying to improve the soil. its now a raspberry patch and i grow the veggies in large raised beds. easier on the back tending the beds also. even my new trees and bushes, i now put them in a raised bed or a mound. i lay cardboard, make a mound on it, and plant the tree. lost many trees and fruit bushes before i realized digging them in wasnt working . they would do well the 1st year then slowly die as they got root bound. my currants , elders and honey berries are the only ones that could grow in the ground here.


even worse here. we finally got .2 of rain last night. been almost 4 weeks since our last rainfall. been watering every other day for the last 2 weeks. in the last week we’ve had 4 frosts where it dipped into the mid 20’s. so far so good as most of my bushes are just leafing out and aren’t showing damage. the plants that are marginally hardy here haven’t started to leaf out yet.


Ours hasn’t been steady but it’s coming in bits and pieces every day… A little bit concerned. Good thing I put the rain gauge on my irrigation :+1::+1:


Yeah I’ve had a rain sensor on my irrigation forever, rainbird…just recently replaced…they’re great, although when the get older sometime they don’t work right…

Looking into one of the wifi irrigiation controllers…I’ve got it on the house thermostat, why not the irrigation?


I don’t know the nuts and bolts of it all but I just love technology!!!


Rain but in the high 50’s to mid 60’s! Yay, veg. Garden planting weather.


This is what the sky looked like on my drive home yesterday…The black are was essentially over my neighborhood…5 minutes after I took this pic all hell broke loose…


Thanks for the suggestions. Our soil is loamy with some clay and rock in the plots further up the hill. It drains well, so I don’t really have to worry about plants or trees getting rootbound.

Since we live on such hilly terrain, the issue is getting lots of rain in a short time, like the 3" we got in two hours the other night. If I can fix the drainage issues above two offending plots, then that ought to take care of the situation.


So what happened? Lots of hail, wind?