How is your weather?


I was expecting to see a funnel cloud…Luckily no rotation…Rain in buckets and wind, but no hail…The lightning/thunder was on a level I haven’t seen in a long time…I went directly through the strongest part of the storm with lightning cracking all around…my commute takes me through some areas with lots of huge old oak trees, kept expecting to see one of them get hit. Fortunately, I did not.


So another Bartlett (3 year old in ground tree) looks dead. It bloomed, leafed out and now all the leaves are wilting and it doesn’t look good. Worst winter/spring ever… low 80Fs and the humidity is a little higher. Rain good chance on Sun/Mon.




I was raised in Ohio. Been almost 30 years in Florida. I am still in Awe of the severity and force of some of our just afternoon thunderstorms! It really can scare the hooey out of you sometimes! Totally awesome though :+1::astonished:


We got another half inch of rain today, we had just got the clothes off the clothesline when it started in again. So, after this little shower, that gives us about 5" of rain in less than 48 hours. Enough already!!

Maybe a brief respite tomorrow, but more is due on Sat and Sunday. Then it’s supposed to warm back up and dry out some. Sure hope so.


I grew up in OK and worked in north Texas for almost 30 years. Can’t say I miss all the tornado warnings, hail and wind storms that spring would bring every year. Or the 100° heat that seemed to last from June until Sept. We had a hot spell in 2011, I think, where it was 100 for 68 days in a row! No garden that year!

But, living in this Ohio River Rain Forest is also a very trying endeavor. Three inches of rain in Dallas does a whole lot less damage than in these hills. I’m just grateful we don’t live down in the creek bottoms when it rains like this.


How many inches per year do you receive?

Juneau, AK gets about 62 in./yr. of rain and 87 in./yr. of snow. In Costa Rica the annual rainfall varies between 100 to 300 inches depending on location!


We have a frost advisory tonight. I can’t complain about our weather because it’s been perfect for our fruit trees. The lack of rain & warmth has kept scab and pests at bay. I would like to get away from these “frost advisories” however as we head toward June.


i agree. its warming the soil nicely and there is no signs of pest or leaf diseases of any kind. got some rain coming sat. night the cool but tdry again after that. im loving working the warm dry air.


We are forecast to get some rain each of the next 5 days or so, with a flash flood warning for the next two days (up to 3-5" of rain). It is going to be soggy and wet here for a while. Fortunately there were a couple of dry sunny days just when I got back, so I could get another spray of Cu and sticker on. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Good news is I won’t have to water anything outside for a bit…


I was being a bit facetious, it just seems like a rain forest around here in spring. I guess that’s why it is so green for so long in these parts. Rarely do we have to water our plants or trees because of so much rain. Makes growing anything here a challenge.

While outside today I noticed one of the pluots I planted in March has drooping leaves and small branches, as I assume the water table is up and the roots are getting drowned. The soil drains pretty fast here, but after 5" in about 3 days, you can only drain so much water when the sponge is saturated. There’s more coming down now, with maybe more tomorrow before it finally moves out on Sunday. Good riddance.

According to climate data, our area gets about 44" a year.


Google reports that the region surrounding Grayson receives about 45" annually – mostly falling April through September. Geesh!


That much? Wow…we are a little drier here…probably due to colder winters. We avg about 33 inches here a year…record being right around 45 inches.

This next week looks rainy, but warm. Today back into upper 70Fs… Running +6.6F fro the month, so very warm so far.

Lots of 100Fs creeping into S Texas y esterday…

Global view to finish out May/early June

Very warm across US/AK and most of Canada…Europe is toasty… India is interesting…I would guess the dark blues there are indicating precip cooled air///monsoon rains.


Yeah, I’m kinda surprised we get that much. We’re getting another shower this morning, and had one last night, which will put us over 5.5" since Tuesday night. It’s maddening, but what can you do about it? It’s been very wet this year. We had over 8" of rain in February alone.

We’ve bought 7-8 little flats of various veggies, tomatoes, peppers and our neighbor gave us some flats of various cabbages and we can’t plant any of them until it dries out some. We’re also growing tom’s and peppers indoors that need to be put out before they get much bigger, and need to be hardened off outside before planting, but that’s not going to happen with it raining.


No rain today, although there is a line of storms up around Cincy right now, moving SE. They’re supposed to fade out before getting here. It’s really humid with the wet ground and bright sun.

Can’t do any tilling or planting probably until Wed at the earliest. My trees and plants need a couple days for the water table to drop. My newly planted Dapple Dandy is wilting, not from it being too dry, but the opposite, its root zone is saturated. Plus, one of the blueberry plants are turning brown, for the same reason I assume.

After tomorrow were supposed to dry out at least until Sat, sure hope so.


.79 inches in the last 24…more of a light soaking rain…don’t need it though. More tomorrow. Only managed low 60Fs today…tonite should drop back into the upper 40fs.


40s last nite


Noticed signs across north central WI the last couple days stating “extreme fire danger”. It’s the same here in central/west central MN. Dry, dry, dry. I hope we get rain before Memorial Day weekend, otherwise I have concerns about all the city folks starting campfires they shouldn’t be starting.


been same here Scott. we got a 1/2in. 2 nights ago. thats the only rain we’ve had for nearly a month. to make it worse, its windy just about every day. been watering for over 2 weeks as most of my plants have just started to grow again. chance of showers midweek.


The skies have opened!