How is your weather?


Another 1/2 inch blob of rain this morning… More rain expected this week…nearing 6 inches for the month already.


send some my way! ill send you 17% humidity, blue bird skies and 20mph wind! would be a good trade! :wink:


Some spotty drizzle around here this morning with the potential for more tomorrow morning. Sort of unusual for us to even get this small amount at this time of year. Just enough to wet the grass and get the doggies feet dirty, not really enough to have me turn off the sprinklers tomorrow.


Up north and east of Eau Claire they must be in the same weather pattern as here. Fire danger signs on Hwy. 29


We could use some drying. River is still high, but it has come down.
GFS has 90F or above Friday/Sat in Minneapolis… Cooler down here with chance of storms/probably clouds.

Record heat to start June for upper midwest…


Woo hoo, the daily rain is going away earlier than they’d thought! Even better, our temps are going to be quite lower than expected. That means more grafting :smiley:

If grafts pushed out little leaves that did dry up, those are just no good, right? If that’s so, I’m going to use those spots tomorrow for some of the new grafts. A couple are in prime spots!


The next few days look nice
14 AM


Just had a line of storms pass through, got a quick 0.3", on top of another 0.5" last night. We certainly needed that, it hadn’t rained in a whole two days. :roll_eyes:

I was hoping to get all of my flats of veggies planted this weekend, but that ain’t gonna happen, unless it warms up and stays dry for about 5 days. I also have my indoor grown plants that need to be planted out, as they are already 3-4" high, but it looks like I’m going to have to pot them up into cups and wait another week.

All this rain is not good for my newly planted raspberries, some are drooping, and others are showing signs of curling and discolored leaves. The new blackberries don’t seem to be bothered by it too much.


Looks like a very warm weekend is about to show up…iceberg lettuce=fail. Might have to just pull it while its still good. Sat-Mon all look 90F ish…




Rain is back tonight and tomorrow am. Oh please mother nature, let me garden and work in the garden!


This time of year, I’d keep it. One or two hot days aren’t fatal


what forecast…only 2 out of the next 10 are expected to be dry…have noticed that my citrus trees have dropped a lot of fruit and the one peach I have is splitting…oh well…got to deal with what mother nature dishes out.


More rain yesterday, last night and this morning. I noticed many of the blossoms on my Black Boy peach were washed out. Turning brown and falling off. Will all of this rain deter pollination? It has to?


Pretty sure it affected pollination here


got some beneficial showers today. well needed! everythings that bright spring green!


What a pain I’ve never had more blossoms, ever!!! And to me that meant fruit, looks really so so :zipper_mouth_face:


We really lucked out up here in Maine. We haven’t received days of rain like those South of us recently. Everything is just about done blooming…apples still going & blueberries…but bumbles work in less than stellar weather if our weekend washes out.


I always see the bumbles working their favorite honeysuckles while the other bees are flaking out


87F …87F…90F…91F…87F… The forecast for Thurs-Mon…