How is your weather?


We ended up with .33 inches…it was downpour for a little while. It rained again over night, but just lightly. The kids went swimming in grandpa’s pool this afternoon…that was already at 72F (not heated or anything).

6.26 inches of rain this month.

NWS updated for tomorrow…98F now :hotdog:


my father went thru Army boot in 67’ at ft. dix ,NJ in jan./feb. they were in those quonset huts for barracks . said the same thing. for a n. mainer to complain about the cold it had to be bad!


The forecast suggests we break records both today/tomorrow…very old records too…1874


Rain today and more rain for the next 4 days! :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


This type of weather really illustrates how important large shade trees are. In my neighborhood a lot of 50+ year old trees have been cut (lots of ash) and the amount of shade is much less :frowning:

81F/69F at 10am… getting Miami-ish around here today.


We have big ash trees south of our house that provide wonderful shade - spend $$$ every year treating them for the borer


Wet and warm here in SE Georgia. Catching some of the side effects of Alberto.


A neighbor has a few that are half dead …it also can be pricey to cut them down depending on size/location. Ash is such a nice tree too…I think the Chinese species of ash are ok against the borer.


We might hit the heat record today of 97 F. No spring and straight to Summer weather.



We had one that we didn’t protect and it died. Pricey to take it down, but the protection is an eternal ongoing expense


Its 90 degrees here us Michiganians aint used to his heat, wowser!


we haven’t had a confirmed sighting in Maine for EAB yet but a mile from me in edmuston ,NB, canada EAB was confirmed last week. not good! we have a lot of ash species up here. it also attacks other species of hardwoods. with the logging and firewood industry it will be spread far and wide very quickly!


Beat the 144 year record… we did mix out (note the dew plummeted while the temp shot up)…it was very greasy at noon…but a few hours later…just hot.


It is horrible here…everything is dead or has been cut. Several trees in the neighborhood…big trees…have no leaves and the trunks are all yellowish/brown.


That’s awful that it’s so darned hot so early for you guys! How crazy.

Here it’s just been rainy every day --not too much rain in total, but it makes it very muggy. Muggier than we’re used to, so it’s pretty bad. The mosquitoes love it!


i just had a very big black willow cut down that was threatening to fall on the house. was relieved to have it gone until it was a sunny mid 70’s day. the shade that tree put on the house kept it cool before. i almost want to plant another shade tree to replace it but its the west side of the house and would cause the same issue i had before. between EAB, wooly agleid, and spruce budworm seems we won’t have many mature trees left around homes and in the woods. very sad!


Is there a lot of maple in that area? My mom has several in her yard that provide excellent shade. Very pretty trees too. I have a ton of black walnut that come up every year in my yard from the squirrels. I just found a couple of new sprouted ones the other day. I’ve let a few of them go just to give me some shade. Very fast growing tree. Several of the seedlings are already producing nuts (which just encourage more squirrels to show up and sample the peaches/etc).

Just a light rain overnight, but north of here and east of here an inch or more. Going to be humid today. Low overnight was 71F.

100F in S MN yesterday


we have red and sugar maple here. some one gave me some red oak leaves for my compost pile. last year i noticed a little seedling came out behind my compost pile not far from where that black willow was so im letting it grow. oak isn’t native up here so its a treat to have one in your yard. from what ive read red oak is pretty fast growing. being near the compost pile i think it will do well there. spruce, balsam fir, larch, and white cedar are more dominate in the lowlands up here. the hills its more maple, birch , hemlock, aspen and beech.


Picture says it all


Oak is very fast growing …at least in a yard type situation (with water/no competition). I’ve got a few seedlings that have just taken off. I have a pin oak that is pushing 20 feet, although the negative? on that is it holds leaves all winter.