How is your weather?


Just sprinkles here…but back into a jacket and pants…only in the 60Fs this afternoon with clouds/breeze. Nice day overall.

Extended looks hot hot hot…


yes,my temperature was set to 79 , it kicks on automaticaly where the temp is below that


looked like that yesterday but nothing came of it.


Wow! That was an extra wicked Florida storm there! You get used to the heavy lightning storms and all but then there’s those that really get your attention! This was one of those!


A soaker! Still chilly here, turned the heat back on today!


It’s amazing how things can change in a week or two. A few weeks ago I was trying to find time to put down copper sprays between rain storms and worrying about frost. For the last two weeks we have been in a small heat wave, no rain up here to speak of (other than those you can count the drops of) and warm. For us in the high seventies during the day, mid-90’s down on the plains. A summer time temps and weather pattern which started in May.

Can’t complain about the weather, at least right now. But I am watering a whole bunch…


Rain, beautiful rain. I hope it keeps falling all day. We really need a bunch to catch up to “normal”


Familiar summer weather patters have returned…rains late afternoon, early evening. High’s to 90 during the day and 80 plus % humidity…

Saturday we had a huge storm blow through, got about 2 inches of rain in less than 2 hours…

gotta love it…


It’s been in the mid to high 80’s and sunny here. No break in the next two weeks. Hope everyone is enjoying summer mixed with work LOL!


We went from right at 90 daily to 70 and very overcast here today, so all the animals acted like it was an eclipse, lol! It was so quiet and odd. But I agreed with them because it was a strange, very cool day, yet no rain. Back to 90 tomorrow, so all the birds should chirp again :slight_smile:


We finally hit 80 yesterday. In human terms our weather has been phenomenal…70s, sunny & dry on a daily basis. In terms of growing stuff we are bone dry. I watered our new peach trees by hand yesterday and we ordered irrigation for our blueberries.


Rain on the way. Still chilly. The heat button has not been flipped yet.


The rains came here, then whoever turned them on, walked off and forgot to turn off the spigot. Now the tomatoes have water logged roots and we can’t get into the garden. More rain is yet scheduled. Still in the 90’s here as well.


same here . been very dry but got 2in of rain coming the next 2days. me need it!


Finally got rain yesterday, it’s been incredibly dry and everything is covered in dust due to the county road project. Still getting nights in the 40’s and today’s forecast is for a high of 61. Nothings putting on much growth…


got a in. of rain over night. everything is bright green! can almost hear my plants growing! can smell the neghibors lilac in the yard as well as the pin cherry blooms. balmy 45f today. had to turn on the heat. seems like our summers over the last 10 yrs. are getting cooler. we used to see some summers getting occasionally in the 90’s in july/ aug. havent seen that for a long time now. more rain also except this year. outfalls have been getting warmer for longer tho.


This year has been overall good. Temperature high is in high 70s and low 80s, and this weekend could be close to 90. It has been very dry this spring/summer. It seems that I don’t have lots of humidity related problem.


Too hot for me and Clark in the Midwest. 90s to 100s here for a long while. So far only a few jujube and persimmon grafts took. Just way too hot.



We might get some rain Monday
26 PM


Looks like Pete and repeat…hot…wet…