How is your weather?


It has been a very dry spring here in Central Maine. Lawns are already turning brown like it is August rather than June. For the first time ever we are irrigating our blueberries & raspberries. We can’t afford to have our berry crop wither away! Fruit trees are still good and look better than ever…especially apples which have no sign of scab so far (a first!)


Mine fell off due to lack of water? dried up and red, only slightly bigger then peas. Thanks for sharing!


high 66,low59. Raining. Loathe weather, my peach tree leafs turning little yellow.


Well, good to hear the fruit trees are doing well, plus the corn.

Our trees are doing OK, but really need to be weeded and munched. I noticed my Alkmene apple and Dapple Dandy trees are getting hit by Japanese beetles already. They’re also getting on my new blackberry plants, but haven’t damaged any leaves yet.

The weeds are awful here too, I really need to be the bush hog going and do some mowing around here.

We have had about an inch of rain today, the last cell that went thru dumped about half an inch. Before that came in, I dug a little mud berm on the uphill side of the lower plot that tends to wash out. It might keep any runoff from above it from going thru the middle of the plot. It’s stopped raining now, with some more coming in tomorrow before moving out on the weekend. The garden plots are a bit muddy but not much standing water yet.


Today’s forecast


Yep those beetles are making my grapes into swiss cheese right now.


First 100f day of the season.


We were finally down to 88 today and it felt so much better! My sunniest parts of the orchard fry --I have no idea how fruit trees like that, lol.


Verdant Hell has fully set in. Rain, sun, rain, sun, sun, rain, rain, sun, sun, sun. Everything is in and is green and growing like crazy. Humidity hovers around 80% so you can’t cool yourself off if you are too active. Not complaining, just adapting.
Outside ops 6-8AM & possibly 8-8:30 PM
All outside projects on hold until Oct. :blush:


Here on LI NY its #%*}ing COLD!!!
Tomatoes are totally confused hunkering in place
Maybe see some by August. Maybe.
Im in a hoodie sweatshirt. Srsly. Right now.


It was supposed to reach 106 today in the California central valley but only got to 102. Woohoo!


That’s odd. We hit 104f and we’re well west of you guys. Normally it’s the other way around lol


Yep, we had weird winds today.


We went down to 40F last night. We’ve had nights in the mid 40’s regularly and nothing is growing in the veggie garden.


What do you expect living in a place with cold in its name? (Cold Brook)


In Newfoundland- east cost of Canada. They had like 8-10 inches of snow today!!

Meanwhile here summers good, Canada Day weekend is going to be pretty warm. Whatt, it will feel like 113F & 111!Ohh It’ll be great to experience that…LOL
58 PM


you in Ontario?


I’m reminded of this scene from Good Morning Viet Nam…


What a genius