How is your weather?


figured either there or on the BC coat. not too many zone 5 areas in the great white north. :wink: im right on the Maine/N.B border. my ancestors are all from Quebec. my stepson lives just outside halifax, N.S . i spend just as much time in Canada as i do in the U.S.


Looks like we’ll have Santa Ana wind conditions next week, which will probably cause my peach, blackberry, and kei apple fruits to ripen all at once. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got a needed inch of rain last night, along with enough nickel - quarter sized hail to cover the hood of my pickup. I’m hoping the hail didn’t trash too much of my apple crop.


3rd heat wave of the year - still before July


Finally 88 F today! Will have to water my veggies in pots today. We usually do not have these temps till mid-July!


mid 70’s today beengetting some beneficial thundershowers on a regular basis finally. going to be in the upper 80’s with 3 days in the low to mid 90’s ! for us thats like you guys in KS or MO hitting 110f with dewpoints in the 70’s! grow plants grow!


Gosh, it got to 97 yesterday and 94 today, plus it’s muggy too, with little wind. Not pleasant at all. I had to mow today, took a few breaks as the sun was brutal. We had storms all around us yesterday, but got just a few sprinkles. We had thunder today, but nothing either. Folks over in WV not far from here got some flooding while we basically got bupkus. Still not complaining, as my tomatoes are loving the heat.


The scene at Oceanside (CA) Beach today, from the harbor jetty looking south.


Yesterday :fire:


We had a low of 43F last night. Way too many nights in the 40’s this late in the season.


We have a reprieve for a couple of days . Day time in the 70’s night in the 60’s Heaven!!! Hate to see my puppy panting!


High around 90, low around 70. Too warm for me. MN is certainly a state of extremes


Well, I rarely ask for rain, but after temps in the high 90s all week, we actually needed some to help out our gardens. So thankfully we got a good downpour on Friday, a little more than a quarter inch. It really perked up things, especially the tomatoes. It cooled off a bit and the humidity is way lower.

I took advantage of the cooler weather yesterday and got the pasture and other areas bush-hogged. A bit warmer today, got to 90, but seems dryer.

I had posted in another thread that my Accords A/C hadn’t been working, so I thought I’d take a look at it today. I did a search on YouTube, and found a video about a Honda AC quick fix, which suggested swapping out the compressor relay with a different one. Well, I tried it and thank the Lord it worked! I was resigned to taking it to a garage and having it repaired and be out a bunch of $$, but this is just a $6 part. My wife went to town so I had her pick up a new relay. Now I’m mad i didn’t try this last year! But it’s good that I was able to fix it cheap.

Makes me wonder how folks lived without AC in the past. Hardier folks than I am! My Mom said when she was a kid, and they would take a long car drive, her Mom would have them put a bucket of water in the car with some washrags, and keep themselves cool with those.


Floor vents and wing windows !


Heat index around 100, ugly line of thunderstorms to the NW. Batten down the hatches.

Got just under 2" of rain from that line of t-storms.


It rained in southern California today – some places as much as 1/10 inch :slightly_smiling_face:


I think the last rain we’ve seen was April 15th according to my weather station.


At least your rain comes when it’s good for fruit, ie in winter. We had 1.02 inches total from Oct 1 of 2017 thru April 31 of 2018. That’s only about 3 inches below normal for those 7 months.

Now that my fruit outside is getting ripe it’s rained 9 straight days for a total of 3.5 inches. That even affects the fruit in the greenhouse via clouds and high humidity.


High 70’s during the day 60’s at night. Wish all of July and August would be like this! We are having beautiful days! Stitches out tomorrow. Knee is great!


same here. low humidity and mid 70’s then going back to the 80’s next week. been warmer this summer than the last 2. plants are loving it and growing like crazy!