How is your weather?


95 with a dewpoint around 72. That’s enough of this crap. The veggies and corn love it, but I sure don’t. This is by far the hottest summer I’ve experienced here (been here since '12), this has been more like summers in southcentral WI.


Looks like Kansas and MN are sharing similar weather. Currently 96 degrees, dew point 70. Will reach 99 today, real feel 107. :sunglasses: it’s not bad between 5:30 - 8 am and 7:00pm till dark. Still praying for rain. :sun_behind_rain_cloud:


It might rain here tomorrow. Maybe. They Say


We are up to a 40% chance for tonight!




been dry here too. looks like next week we have a chance of showers all week. i hope so. i put in 20 new trees and berry plants that i need to water. just finished mulching everything 3in. thick with wood mulch the arborist dropped off. that should help conserve moisture the next time i water.


Got to 93 today, we’ve had days in the 90s just about all week, and the next couple days. We haven’t had any rain since last Friday, so this evening were going to have to do some watering, even though we might get some rain Sun-Tue.

It’s been hot, but the humidity has been lower this week, so it hasn’t been too bad to work in, even though I start my work after 4 or so.


Please say its coming to RI!!! Our water which is unpotable in Newport, costs a small fortune. My tomato plants need water bad! I have a dry orchard. I have a decorative small pond with a spitting fish. I water my gutters inwhich I grow strawberries, flowers and radishes; and pots of herbs and nasturiums, and squash. I time myself. One half hour a night of water and that is it! Doing a rain dance.


Been like this for about the last week.
And, is suppose to continue in this very hot pattern for the foreseeable future.
Plant’s don’t look too happy :sunny::sunny::thermometer::thermometer:


we have had even less rain than southern new england. thankfully im on well water so im able to water thouroughly at very low cost. other wise my plants would have been crispy by now!


July in Boise…at least it’s not humid! Sorry East Coast people.


95°F today at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim CA.


72°F this evening at Disney Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace :slightly_smiling_face:


Was pretty warm today, got to 92 I think. But, the good news is that we’ve had off and on showers during the day and some more tonight. I just went outside after the last one came thru, and we’ve got about a quarter inch so far. We are having another brief shower now, but that should do it for tonight.

We really needed the rain, it was 10 days ago that we had our last good shower. Had to get out and water the gardens again Friday as things were getting bit crispy. This natural watering will give everything a nice boost.

It’s also supposed to drop down into the 80s for the rest of the week, but will be more humid. It’s been a very warm, dry summer so far.

I spent some time yesterday staking up my peppers as they were getting a bit too heavy, I was worried about them tumping over in windy, wet conditions. Some are about 2ft tall now, and are putting out some fruit now.

It seems I’m also putting about 10 stakes a day up on my tomatoes, they’re getting quite large now, and somewhat unwieldy. Thankfully it looks like they’re finally putting on more flowers than before. It could be because it hasn’t been so blazing hot the last few days.


Blessed be the cold front!


raining hard right now. boy did we need it! should get 1in or better w/ some of the thunderstorms. plants are singing! :wink:


Muggy, cooler outside than in!


same here but after tonight its going to be much better!


Rain eh?


Pouring now in Worcester. Got Flash flood warning on ny phone twice around 1:30 pm and 3:30pm. Some streets are flooded.

Good for my garden.