How is your weather?


Yep, the peppers haven’t grown a lot and haven’t bloomed much. The tomatoes are producing fruit but the plants are smaller than usual. We’re very dry on top of all that, but I do have water down at the big garden (8 100’ hoses to get there!).


the reason why i grow tomatoes and peppers in my 10’ by 20’ greenhouse. best investment ive ever made ! the extra heat and humidity in there produces great crops in our cool summers. my monitor says its 91f in there right now with both ends open. its almost tropical in there. $300 from amazon.


Do you have trouble with aphids and spider mites?


Exactly, I haven’t had a day in the 80’s in weeks. These hot days are ruining any prospect of a good summer crop.


a little. I’ve been lucky this year as i have a bunch of daddy long legs that are all over my plants eating the bugs that come around.


They seem to be a big problem in tunnel production around here


They are harder to kill with insecticide than their preditors. Thus, over use of weaker pesticides can result in nasty spider mite infections. IPM is the best approach.


Smoke from Canadian fires is supposed to show up here tonight and tomorrow.


At this point I’m just trying to keep my plants alive. Record high temps and no rain. 107 forecasted for tomorrow and Sunday. :cry::cry::cry:



Hang in there Katy. Luckily We got a good 3 inches of rain spreaded out over a few days.



That’s great. We still have 6 weeks before we can start thinking about cooler weather/rain in a usual year. Really hot this year though…


Not good.


We were gone most of the day as I had a medical procedure. It went well, nothing significant found. Still a bit loopy from the drugs, my wife said i said some funny things in the recovery room, but didn’t remember any of it, so musta been some good dope! We got home about 5, I took a quick nap then went out to inspect things.

We have had about 1.5" of rain over the last 12 hours in three waves, and are getting another round now. Gardens didn’t look too bad, a couple tomato plants had some branches on the ground, but got them staked back up. My big 3ft bushy Freedom blackberry was leaning some, i suppose from the high winds we’ve had plus the wet soil. I propped it up with a wood block, hope it makes it OK. My wife noticed some missing leaves on our big cuke plants this morning in our large plot, so i imagine it was deer. So, looks like we’ll be putting some type of fence around it tomorrow.

Glad to see that temps will be a bit more normal the next few days because of the clouds and rain. Just hope we don’t get any flash floods. Feel sorry for you folks down OK and TX way, with the searing heat, sure don’t miss that anymore!


Rain here every day. Really hard core sometimes. So hard it tears stuff up. One silver lining. It’s mostly staying under 90…


Glad your tests went well and that your temps are going to moderate some. I am surprised though that a deer would eat your cuke leaves. Around here, squash and cukes don’t get eaten unless the deer are starving and they can’t find any other green matter. Is your cuke variety have less prickly leaves than most?


I just got done planting cabbage, corn and two types of pumpkin. It’s doing this right now. I guess I won’t bother watering in! LOL…


Thanks, the prep for the test was worse than the test itself. I couldn’t eat anything solid all day Thursday, just a liquid diet, and then had to drink some nasty salty solution to clean me out, so didn’t get a lot of sleep that night. But, the test went quickly, they gave me a hypnotic beforehand, so I didn’t remember any of it.

Anyways, yes, deer have eaten on our cuke plants in the past, but not down to the ground like sweet potatoes or beans. Usually, the cukes grow fast enough to allow a little damage and still produce. We grew pumpkins last year and they hardly touched them, probably because their stalks are really spikey. I can’t remember if zucchini are attractive to them or not, but we are growing some this year.

Its only 75 now, but pretty humid, but there are some showers moving in. We have clothes on the line that’s going to have to be brought in. But, nice to not have to use a dryer in the summer!




We got another 0.7" this evening, which means we’ve had about 2.5" since early Friday morning. Plus, we’re in for some more over the next couple of days. Since it has been so dry over the last month, we haven’t had too much as far as flooding is concerned. Plus, the gardens and trees seem to have taken it well. But, we’re getting to that point where it’s getting to be a bit much, but can’t control that.

Before the rain hit, I was able to get the three pluots and two apples weeded and mulched, looks much better now. So, that’s 12 down, and just 17 more trees to go. I will admit, the wet soil makes it easier to pull out those pesky weeds.


85 degree temp with 95% humidity is a silver lining?? Guess you are a glass half-full type of guy. :grinning: