How is your weather?


I think this is going to wipe the drought off some places on the map


Damp, cooler, and almost chilly the past two nights. A drastic change from blisteringly hot to cool. Damp with spitty rain.


Looks hot finishing out the end of August/early Sept…at least up here.

Ragweed allergies have been horrible…thankfully the rain helps.

Hot/humid summer … Lots and lots and lots of swimming.


We’ve been pretty typical up until today, typical as in all my new plantings look scorched due to the 100f+ days we get on a regular basis. Looking forward to little cool off.


With such strong wind, did you have any fruit drop? My William’s Pride has dropped every time we have 20 mph or more wind as this is its ripening time.


The ground is as dry as a bone here in Albion, Maine. We are in a dry bubble…thunderstorms/showers keep missing us. Maybe tomorrow.


Lots of my Asian and Euro pears dropped to the ground. ugh I we got the record for 7.25 inches of rain in the 24 hours period. Lots of basement got flooded.


Sorry to hear that, Tony. Wow, that’s a lot of rain in a short time.


Oh Tony, I am sooo sorry. Water is never great when it comes to flooding!


We got right around an inch, brings us up close to the average for the month so far

All the humidity has brought on with a vengeance the powdery mildew


we were like that up here until late july, then showers started to hit us. all the grass was brown. supposed to be some good steady rain coming tom. hopefully you get it.


Bad flooding in mid-Wisconsin - hope no one is washed away


might be close to warmest summer on record for N. maine. up to 47 days 80f and above. plants loved the extra heat but so did the bugs/ fungus issues.


The heat is back after 4 days and the humidity is hideous . No rain. My tomato plants have zero blight, they are just turning yellow and dying.


my brothers just outside hartford, CT. says its terrible heat and humidity and he loves the heat!


Haven’t seen Rob here for about a week - he usually has weather news, and he lives right in the middle of that WI flood area


pretty bad out there. weather channel covered it this morning. hope hes ok.


Pathetic weather guessers went from predicting 1"+ of rain with ‚Äúdangerously heavy‚ÄĚ storms to now predicting a few tenths. All within less than 12 hours. Sad


A butterfly flapped its wings.


All it does is rain here. Some areas are going to be pushing 15 to 20 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks. Rained all day today. Looks cooler late week with highs around 70F.

Veggies all done here for me…just have pears to harvest and i’m finished. Hopefully we get some sort of normal next year…doubtful.

Cool air builds into Canada mid Sept…maybe tap into some of that late month…get some real fall weather down here.