How is your weather?


Yeah…not any problems here…just busy with kids/etc this summer–school starts tomorrow :sunny: . The heaviest rains were just south of me here. Actually areas just north of here have had far less rain. Basically south of i90 .


It was 93 here today, with close to 90 the rest of the week, and mostly dry. We did get about 2" on Friday and Sat, though. It’s been a somewhat dry and pretty hot summer. I’d say we’ve had about 6-7" of rain since the first of July, kinda low for us. We’ve had many days in the 90s this summer, more than previous years. I was outside about an hour around noon picking tomatoes and peppers for salsa and had to change shirts, quite steamy.

I know the weather has little to do with it, but it hasn’t kept me from getting a nasty head cold. Been hacking, sneezing and coughing for about a week. My wife has had it too, as others around here.


Good to hear it

I’m totally ready for fall


Weather guessers in the T.C. metro are saying heavy rain possible down your way later today too.

We finally got a few tenths a couple days ago and about .5" so far today. I’d be happy if we got another 1"+ today.


mid 70’s low humidity. nice overall.



Looks like that rain stayed…at least the heaviest just north of me here–Rochester to Eau Claire–from 4-6 inches. Actually the Winona area about 20 mins from here had a tornado at one point. We had about 2 inches of liquid last night… Add it up and i think we are sitting about 10 inches or so in the last 2 weeks in my yard. With areas to the south at 20 inches or more.

The forecast looks MUCH better


Here, they’re predicting the tropical storm to come by on the weekend


Tis the season for watching the Atlantic. Florence formed not far from the coast of Africa - bad omen. Another is forming too. On my tree guy’s schedule to get some trees trimmed soon (hopefully). After hurricanes hit, prices go up, and availability goes down.


What Hurricane?


Hurricane Florence.


Isn’t she gone?


She’s in the Atlantic. Heading for DC presently.


Oh no! Ugh!


You may have been thinking of Gordon. The graphic shows another forming behind Florence - given 70% chance of developing into a hurricane.


Yes It was! Thanks. None of them are good. My house is back on the market and I really don’t want trouble!


Hot summer in these parts…#3 on record going back to 1873.

@ 192 we have a hurricane parked off the east coast…looks like it doesn’t get any further west on this run…just sits off the coast…who knows…a ways out still.


Miserable, 80’s abd tii humid for good health. No AC , so I go to bed at night and don’t move. By now we usually have evening breezes.


Gordon remnants may [or may not] be heading here bearing more rain


Regarding Florence the latest GFS has it hitting the mouth of the Chesapeake (sorry @JustAnne4!), as does the Euro, but that’s at 9 days, so who knows for now. Still too far away.