How is your weather?


It looks like the front yesterday may have brought in fall - I hope so

They’re now saying Gordon won’t come so far north as here so things might dry out a bit


28 degrees north of me about 2.5 hours this a.m. Only got to 40 here.

Fall is coming




Latest models have it getting close to the coast then swinging out to sea. But that’s still 8 days from now, so nothing is certain.


… except change - Heraclitus


…and death, and taxes…:blush:


Oh brother! It is threatening to rain, and the radar says rain and thunderstorm, but still, Nada! It has been blisteringly hot this past week, and today the rain would be a respite. No go. Still living in my unsold, Victorian house! Frustrating!


Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:


Well dry gulch here did not live up to its name, we actually got measurable rain the last few days, 0.75" so far. First time in several weeks. While that puny amount likely caused some snickering for those of you who can pick that up in a few minutes, when you are in a drought even that relatively small amount can make a big difference. It should keep wildfires at bay for a week or so, and will help the local vegetation survive. As well as giving me a few days off watering the garden and trees.

I was hoping that some of that hurricane moisture would find its way to us, but current predictions have it heading to the Midwest instead.


Ok lightly raining now thank God. Any water will be a relief!


We finally have had some good rains after a very dry stretch here near St. Paul in western Wisconsin. On the other hand, our cabin in southern Wisconsin is armpit deep with floodwater inside. I’m not sure if the sound of raindrops on the roof are music to my ears or a sad reminder of what is going on down there.


The deluge looks to be finally done here in East Central Iowa. I think we have had over 10 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks.

The last week was the worst and my new city (Cedar Rapids) is scheduled to flood again in the fall after a big flood in fall 2016.

I am high and dry. We had a decent improvement in moving as my yard isn’t a creek/swamp.

The plus side was I haven’t had to water new sod for the last 3 weeks.


Thought this article might be of interest to those following the dry weather in the SW. In short, it may be time to stop speaking of the current dry conditions as a drought (which implies a return to a higher level of precip) and start thinking that this may be the new normal…


Very good points there


That should wipe the color off the drought map



I’ll start a separate thread for Florence, since it’s getting closer. Latest models not looking great for the Carolinas.


Gordon is putting a little rain down here in southern Illinois. Meteorologists saying up to 7 inches could fall by Sunday.


They keep being uncertain how far north it will reach


Last time that I looked on the radar,rain was as far north as the Chicago Heights area. Thunder has woke me up and it is pouring here.