How is your weather?


The Quincy area, that’s been so dry for so long, has been getting a lot with these latest systems


3.5 inches of rain has fallen over night and is showing no signs of slowing down yet.


@ltilton,I knew that some parts up north were dry. Down state has been getting alot of these systems also. So far we have had 8.5 inches of rain in the last 4 weeks.


100F yesterday and 94F today. Last rain mid April.


We had 6" of rain overnight and into today. I don’t think anyone saw that much coming.


We had 7.5 inches with severe flooding here in southern Illinois. Some friends lost thier homes due to Gordon.




I finally was able to get out and check my rain gauge, as it’s basically been raining off and on all day. We got right at 5in over the last couple days. I can hear the runoff down the creek on the north side of the property. But, it looks like it’s finally done. Good riddance, Gordo!


Sorry to hear that. Are you close to Mt Vernon? I heard they got about 10".


I am about 45 min. From Mt.Vernon and have a niece that lives there (on higher ground).I am allso glad gordon has moved on.


Been dry and sunny and 70Fs here now for days…last night was 49F so this morning had that fall chill in the air. Lots of dew…dew monster this past week. Looks like we had back into the 80Fs to close out the week…mid 80Fs for weekend…AC coming back on.

Looking ahead…2 weeks out Canada is just pumped full of cold air… .When/if we tap that… grab the jackets.


In the 60’s finally some rain on and off today. This afternoon finally had more rain. Quiet now in the evening. More rain tomorrow I hope. Don’t want a hurricane here!


I’m not seeing any chance for a real freeze until mid-Nov


had 30f and a good frost 2 nights ago. killed my cukes and string beans. supposed to get back in the 80’s again for the next week. just hope it doesn’t linger into oct. like last year. got 1/2in rain today.


Very nice cool shot mid/late next week on Euro model run this afternoon… Fall will be in the air. I predict much frolicking and prancing in the refreshing Canadian sourced cool air. However…warmth moves in right behind :frowning:


Ohhhhhh…into the 60’s at night!!


I want 60Fs for daytime high temps…for about 6 months.

Mosquitoes are beyond bad in the shade. Swarms of them up here…man eaters…vampires.

Mini heat wave in the works for the next 5…mid to upper 80Fs coming back…more swimming? could happen.


yep. low 80’s here for the next 4 days then cooler next week.


88F right now with 70F dew point… it’s like July outside. Weird how dry it has become the last week+…went from never ending rain to nonstop sun. Mosquitoes make it almost impossible to do yardwork. Mid late next week looks to flip the pattern…with heavy rains and much much cooler temps. Maybe back into the 60Fs for highs by next weekend… I’m ready… Way too much AC this summer…


Just got my electric bill