How is your weather?


I love bills. Those are my favorite :wink:

Next weekend still looks like we may be in the 60Fs for high temps…heavy? rain late next week. The following week could see some even cooler temps…

Ragweed still causing some issues, but its getting better. Longest allergy season i can remember. Very early August i think is when i noticed the first symptoms…usually its more like the 10th of Aug.


Noticed it early here, too

I’ve switched to Zyrtek - it works well


A daily zyrtek and a squirt of generic Flonase in each nostril has done wonders for me. Pretty much makes ragweed season “liveable” for me


91 in southern MN and much of WI today (on the road). Fall arrives in central MN on Monday if the forecast is correct


Yes, works for me too – although Claritin seems to have an edge over Zyrtek for my system. :sunny:



Well it looks like Florence has taken a literal detour around VA. It has been overcast for many days, but I don’t mind b/c when the sun hits our moist ground, it makes a sauna, and, things grow like crazy, most notable at this time, the grass. The garden is pretty much finished except for the beans. Looking forward to cooler weather.


Looks like we will be well into the 80’s in October again this year. I guess it will be good for my pumpkins.


I mainly stick with Loratadine because its dirt cheap if you buy it at Costco. I usually have to take a couple…one usually doesn’t cut it. I have the squirt in the nose stuff but forget to take it. I would say my ragweed allergy is severe and this year was one of the worst//earliest/longest.

Hot…upper 80Fs again here…humidity a tad less but still humid. Mosquitoes are unbelievably bad still. Trying to pick raspberries and need to get a truck of DDT in here to clear the way.


91F ///super humid but rain moved thru…first time we’ve had rain since Sept 5th…

Looks wet this week…Fri should be in the 60Fs.


Could use some wet. Got new grass seed coming up, takes forever to keep it watered every day


Should be wet this week…


Drove back home from southcentral WI today. It was in the upper 80s all the way until we got just west of Minneapolis. A front went through and in a span of maybe 25 miles the temp dropped to the upper 50s. It also rained heavily for maybe 35 miles or so…got home and the ground was barely damp. Not enough in the rain gauge to be measurable. It’s been a really weird rainfall year in my little corner of the world.


thats hitting us tom. im tired of 80’s.


it’s been pretty hot here the last 2 weeks and not much rain…except yesterday…all that heat built up and we had a huge storm blow through even saw some hail…take a look at the videos…right around the 18 second mark on the first one you’ll see the camera jump…there was a huge bolt of lightning…


Lots of rain across Iowa/Wi/MN this morning… should be an all day wash out here.

Next week looks VERY fall like. 50Fs looking more likely as we close out the month (for high temps)… Lots of 60Fs. GFS shows a little warm up back into the 70Fs for early Oct…

First frost/freeze is just around the corner.


Got the end of Florence yesterday and this am. Lots of wind, rain and thunder! Finally. So glad we were on the end of that hurricane!


It’ll never reach us - and we could use it


Does it freeze too hard there to consider steel irrigation pipe?


We have had a warm (low 90’s) summer with plenty of rain, but no flooding. Now this week we are having some of our hottest weather. Getting into mid 90’s with no rain. Should make the sugars in fruit concentrate…if it doesn’t cause them to split. Though the only fruit I had mature this year was a few peaches, Asian pears and the citrus is still growing. We had a late freeze this past spring in March that killed almost all the baby fruit. I am ready for a little cool down.