How is your weather?


Rain today and tomorrow. A month too late! Fruit is gone!


NWS shows 35F here with areas of frost…hmmmm…i’ll have to move my tropicals into the garage for the night. Friday and Sat both show highs in the 50Fs.

Rain all afternoon here…big blob. Done now.

Oh man…12z gfs must hang a front up over the area next week…now its not nearly as cold but shows rain chance Sat/sun…and then monday thru Thursday SOLID rain… holy cats it looks wet again.


Send that rain to your NW about 5 hours :wink:

It sprinkled here off and on yesterday and today, but less than a tenth total in the rain gauge. I planted a bunch of red osier dogwood plugs yesterday and the ground is D, R, Y…dry


Tornadoish weather advancing our way


Not good😢


Overhyped as usual

Not as much rain as I’d like


Tropical Storm Rosa will likely bring us increased marine layer and cooler temperatures.


Some nighttime 50’s in sight!


It looks like Rosa could bring us a lot more than overcast skies. :open_mouth:


Some clouds kept it from freezing last night/this morning, but it sounds like that won’t happen tonight. 27 is the forecast low.


Here, frost doesn’t seem to be expected until the end of October


expecting Indian Summer.


First frost here is average Nov. 10-22…


Frost/Freeze headlines up for the entire area. Local showing 34F. Tropicals spend the night inside.

Local earliest 32F is Sept 13… avg is Oct 9th…and the latest was just 2 years ago…Nov 9th…


That IS late, especially for your area


30 degrees right now. It was 28 when I checked around 5 a.m. Thus ends the growing season


Didn’t notice any frost…bird bath had no ice. The cold areas all just to my east were in the mid 20Fs so i’d guess we were probably just above freezing before the cloud monster showed up…very very thick sheet now. Won’t get out of 50Fs today.

A lot of rain chances in the extended. Hopefully not all stinkers.

I’ve always noticed my marigolds (that reseed naturally now) are just vibrant in the fall. Full of flowers. Nicotiana also seems to flower heavily in the fall.


Looks like the aftermath of Rosa will hit Phoenix instead of San Diego.


4 corners might get some relief from the drought


my boys stat6ioned at Yuma Marine base,AZ. gonna need that new Dodge 4x4 he just bought to get around tues!